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EVLN: Army.us trickle now an EV flood …Despite EO 13834 strategy falling
US Army Gearing Up For Electric Vehicles
A new report produced through the US Department of Energy suggests that the
Army is primed and ready to lead the way into the electric vehicle future —
just as ...

EVLN: Aftermarket batteries as replacements> if latest &greatest is
unimportant (v)
We Need To Discuss Aftermarket Batteries As Soon As Possible
DEC 01, 2019  We would love to write stories warning used EV owners that
they are not alone. ... If we want electric cars to become truly mainstream,
aftermarket batteries are ...

+ (vw pr)
VW Delivers 100,000th E-Golf Before Shift To ID.3
2019/11/30  It's not the flashiest electric vehicle on the market but it
sure has been a steady sales machine. The VW E-Golf has sold over six
figures worth of units worldwide ...

BSES Delhi discoms, Ola Electric to set up battery swap stations
Nov 25, 2019  NEW DELHI: BSES Discoms (utility .in) has signed MoU with Ola
Electric (ride-share .in) for setting-up battery swapping and charging
stations for electric vehicles. While BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL)
will set-up the station in south and west Delhi, BSES Yamuna Power Limited
(BYPL) will do so in east and central Delhi ... “Setting-up of battery
swapping stations will not only boost the adoption of EVs, but also help in
reducing power-theft by E Rickshaws” ...

 (cheaply made li-ion.cn explodes)
Electric Vehicle Battery Explodes While Charging in Store in ...
An electric vehicle battery exploded while charging in a store in Wenzhou,
China, on November 25, 2019 ...

Nikola li-ion battery claim> irks &dismissed out of hand as ridiculous
Nikola Motor’s Bombshell Battery Claim Irks Experts, Who Think Its Secret
May Lie In Sulfur
Nov 24, 2019 ... startup intends to start delivering zero-emission
semi-trucks in 2021, said last ... Nikola's trucks also use a battery pack
to ... emissions from autos has resulted in steady growth in electric
vehicle sales ...

EVLN: ev-Nazi tmc/Lexus sez No Electric Car For You! (UX-300e not4.us)
Lexus To US: No Electric Car For You!
November 27th, 2019  Lexus last week officially presented its first battery
electric car, the UX 300e, at the Guangzhou ..

EVLN: ?A “flood-proof” version.cn of the Tesla-3? (v)
Watch Tesla test Model 3 by making it drive into water
Nov 24, 2019 - A Tesla Model 3 in China has been spotted driving into
relatively ... MIC Tesla Model 3 under going testing driving over high
water. ... Tesla #TeslaChina #MIC #Model3 #GF3 #??? #?? $TSLA

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