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EVLN: AK EV drivers say no cold/winter-weather problems
Do electric vehicles work at 40 below? Alaska owners say ‘yes’
June 11, 2020 ... Martakis says he drives his Chevy Bolt EV year-round.
“I’ve been driving this thing for three years, three winters, including this
last one. We don’t have a garage for it; it’s outside in the cold all the
time. It is by far my number one vehicle to drive,” ... Weflen of Fairbanks
also has a Chevy Bolt he powers with his own solar farm ...

EVLN: Austin-TX Cybertruck gigafactory> (eyed/considered)
Tesla edges toward Austin, Texas for Cybertruck Gigafactory
June 19, 2020  Tesla appears to be close to inking a deal with Texas to
build a Gigafactory for its Cybertruck pickup ... The 4 to 5
million-square-foot plant would employee 5,000 workers and become Tesla’s
fourth for vehicle assembly ...

New electric-shuttles start service in south Sacramento-CA

Tesla Autopilot gets alleged misleading-advertising .de flak

EV2Home (V2H) connection= EV powers house during blackout

EVs bring $10,000 in life-saving benefits
New study: Every electric car brings $10,000 in life-saving benefits
Jun. 3rd 2020 ... Converting all cars and SUVs in the area into electric
vehicles would cause 313 fewer deaths per year, an estimated social benefit
of $2.4 billion  -Converting all transport trucks to more efficient models
would cause 275 fewer deaths, an estimated social benefit of $2.1 billion
-Converting all transit systems to electric buses would cause 143 fewer
deaths, an estimated social benefit of $1.1 billion ...

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