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EVLN: 80kW/96hp 48V in&outboard boat e-motors in production
New 48 volt electric boat motor now in production
June 17, 2020  A new 48 volt electric boat motor with peak power of 80kW (96
hp) and nominal power of 50kW (65hp) is going into serial production and can
be ordered now for delivery in December 2020. The motor, from Germany
company Volabo, uses a technology called ISCAD: Intelligent Stator CAge
Drive – to create a virtual gearbox that changes the speed and torque of the
motor by altering the pairing of magnetic poles in the stator cage ...

EVLN: Candela7 hydrofoil speed e-boat r:92km/50mi @37kph/20knots (v)
Candela 7: all-electric hydrofoil with 92 km range (video)
Jun 14, 2020  This Swedish electric speedboat "flies" above water and is
still available in limited numbers ... an electric range of 92 km (50
nautical miles) in 20 knots (37 kph), on par with combustion engine boats

Remember when ?experts? said r:50mi was more than enough?

Lucid Air EV pricing &specs on September 9, 2020

Bamboo EV wins award

PKR349,320/$2130 Pakistan can import Changli Nameca .cn nEV
Pakistanis can Now Order World’s Cheapest Electric Car
Jun 11, 2020 ... Pakistanis can import the China-made Changli Nameca car
through Alibaba ... You can get this car for only $930 (PKR152,520), but
this price is without a battery pack. To get the pack, you will need to pay
$1200 (PKR196,800), which we think is not bad at all in this price range.
Furthermore, it is an excellent deal for local consumers as the government
slashed 25-50% customs duty on electric cars last year ... Its biggest
positive is its price ...

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