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EVLN: gm double deals> won't pay back $60M in tax incentives
GM must fulfill promises to state, Valley
Jun 21, 2020  Ohio should hold General Motors accountable to pay back the
$60 million in tax incentives it had received before shuttering the local
assembly and stamping plants in Lordstown ... GM disputes the demand and
instead is asking to be spared from repaying the state in the “spirit of
economic development” and the company’s “significant manufacturing presence”
in the state and the Mahoning Valley ...

EVLN: 1939 Skoda Beer-delivery e-Truck
Skoda’s First Electric Vehicle Was A 1939 Beer Truck
June 20, 2020 ... in 1938, on the brink of WWII, oil imports were under
threat and Skoda needed to find a way to keep supplies flowing. Thus, they
built an electric beer truck that could deliver the product from the factory
in Pilsen to the town’s bars and restaurants. It had a bank of rechargeable
lead acid batteries mounted within the ladder chassis and could haul up to
6,614 lbs (3 tons) of beer. The truck delivered beer for many years,
according to factory records ...

gm-pr> .cn-only EV touts hidden tray= big-whoop

Self-drive e-motorboats available again on Lake_Windermere .uk

e-Buses vs he-Buses for PSTA Pinellas_County-FL bus routes

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