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EVLN: .ru EVs> Zetta,Marussia,KamAZ,Muravey,Kalashnikov, +
Top 7 Russian electric cars (PHOTOS)
June 20 2020  In May 2019, KB Spektr signed an agreement with Novosibirsk
State Technical University to build an electric vehicle based on the
Marussia supercar ...

EVLN: Tesla-S EV> r-epa:402mi, & $5000 reduced price
Tesla used a variety of technical advances to increase Model S range to 400
June 21, 2020  The company recently announced that all North American Model
S Long Range Plus vehicles now have an official EPA-rated range of 402
miles—an increase of almost 20% compared to a 2019 model with the same
battery pack design ... Tesla also recently reduced Model S Long Range Plus
price by $5,000 ...

Transdev Canada purchased 27 new Lion school e-buses

Mustang Mach-E Customers Get Free e-America Fast-Charging

(render, ?vaporware?) Lightning’s enclosed e-motorcycle

.cn Tesla-3 suddenly uncontrollably accelerated,crashed &fire
Tesla Model 3 suddenly picked up speed uncontrollably, crashed and caught
fire in China
Jun 18, 2020 ... Tesla Model 3 accident occurred in Jiangxi after the car
suddenly accelerated to 127 km/h while the owner was driving. All efforts to
reduce the speed proved abortive as the brakes failed. The car then crashed
and burst in flame ...

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