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EVLN: CityQ’s enclosed e-Car/e-Bike> taking pre-orders
CityQ’s enclosed electric Car-eBike begins taking pre-orders
Jun. 19th 2020 ... riders aren’t protected from the weather, be it heavy
rain or the glaring sun ... And now the Oslo-based company has opened
pre-orders for its Car-eBike as it prepares for 2021 deliveries ...

EVLN: ICat solarCat pv-powered .hr e-boat> sustainable eco-transport
Solar-powered electric boat ‘solarCat’ presented on Zagreb’s Lake Jarun
ZAGREB, 13 JUNE 2020 – The President of Croatia Zoran Milanovi? has
participated in the presentation and promotional ride of the solar-powered
electric boat ... ICat ... “solarCat” as an example of a sustainable and
environmentally friendly mode of transport that is already used in Croatia
for tourism ...

.cn Buick Velite 7 previews upcoming GM Bolt crossover EV

I-5 Clean Energy Corridor needs freight-level EV charging

Car-size fire-blanket smothers EV li-ion fire reignitions
Giant Fire Blanket Helps Cut Battery Reignition In Electric Car Blazes
Jun 19, 2020 ... there is no fire without oxygen ... with a giant fire
blanket ...

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