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EVLN: Tarform Luna retro-styled e-motorcycle 0-60mph:3.8s
The Tarform Luna Is a Retro-Styled Electric Motorcycle Made of Stuff That's
Good for the Planet
June 27, 2020  If flaxseed-reinforced bodywork and vegan leather don't do it
for you, a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds will ... retro-styled electric
motorcycle built from recyclable materials. Tarform motorcycles are
handbuilt ...

EVLN: TMC EV patents> 7seat SUV &smaller SUV, expected 2022
Toyota electric models revealed in patent filing
June 24, 2020 ... Two new electric vehicles from Toyota have surfaced
overnight after patent ... Based on the e-TNGA platform, the sketches from
Toyota show what appears to be a large SUV – possibly a seven seat model –
and a smaller SUV with a sloped back ... Toyota's electric vehicle models
are expected to be released in 2022 ...

Suzuki e-2wheelers when ‘buyers are ready’

India CEOs say can learn from .cn 2get more EVs on the road

Apple Maps EVSE Routing not up2date/accurate as plugshare.com

More EVs for Nevadans to buy & stricter ice limits

More Electric Vehicles Could Be Coming To Nevada
Jun 24, 2020  Governor Steve Sisolak announced this week his administration
would pursue vehicle efficiency standards set by California. That would mean
more electric vehicles would be available for Nevadans to buy – and stricter
fuel efficiency limits on gas-powered cars ... policies ... will reduce air
pollution and hopefully, reduce the impact of climate change in Nevada ...

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