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EVLN: Installing EVSE station tips for multifamily housing
Advice on installing electric vehicle charging stations in
11 tips on how best to install EV charging stations in multifamily housing
June 23, 2020 A top sustainability expert gives the whys and wherefores of
installing electric vehicle charging posts in your next multifamily
enterprise ... 2016 study in San Francisco found that the cost of installing
12 PV ports in a 60-space parking lot was about $860/port, $2,370/port for a
retrofit. According to Zadoretzky, sticker shock has all but evaporated as
the cost to install and operate EV stations keeps coming down ...

EVLN: vw pr> Zwickau .de plant ends ice= EV-only production
Volkswagen Zwickau car factory now producing only electric models
27 June 2020 ... only electric models of Volkswagen and in future also of
the sister brands Audi and Seat will be produced in Zwickau ... The trend
towards electric mobility will continue to pick up speed. We will meet this
demand from Zwickau: we have already created the capacity to build 330,000
vehicles next year ...

McD's .uk DC EVSE charge while you munch fries

vw/e-america pr> 2 cross-.us EVSE routes

e-Semi trucks rule creates jobs &cut cancer-causing pollution

2024 CARB mandates= e-trucks in, diesel out> (CA still has smog)
California mandates shift from diesel to electric trucks starting in 2024
June 26, 2020  The goal is to have nothing but electric trucks being sold by
2045. Remember smog? California sure as heck does ... "For decades, while
the automobile has grown cleaner and more efficient, the other half of our
transportation system has barely moved the needle on clean air," ... (Volvo
VNR semi e-truck)

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