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EVLN: Iconic 2wheeled self-balancing Segway PT production ends
Segway PT's tilt at electric transport revolution comes to an end
24 Jun 2020  The two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle promised to
revolutionise transport when it launched in 2001, but the Segway never
achieved its goal ... In 2015, Segway was purchased by Chinese rival firm
Ninebot. The company now produces a variety of different PLEVs - including
e-scooters, electric roller skates and even a go-kart ...

EVLN: DIY .in Tata Nano EV converted (v)
Tata Nano converted into an Electric Vehicle (Video)
June 29, 2020  Tata Nano, which was launched as the most affordable car in
the world ... There are kits available in the market that allow commercial
vehicles to be retrofitted with an electric drivetrain. ... but in the
future, we may see more cars getting converted to electric vehicles ...

Volvo,Plugsurfing> .eu EVSE access

Smart EQ ForTwo Electric Things To Know

covid quarantined KS engr builds e-quadracycle/nEV ts:25mph

Volvo/Geely's premium EVs 4Waymo(goog) auton-Robotaxis (v)
Polestar Will Build Some Sort of Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo
June 27, 2020  Volvo's premium EV ... details ... are sparse ... will come
out with a new EV platform just for ride-hailing vehicles ... called Waymo
Driver, and Waymo has been testing it in vehicles from a number of
automakers ... Volvo thinks that self-driving vehicles will be safer than
today's human-piloted models ...

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