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EVLN: Advanced-tech e-agro-bots monitor, treat &farm the land
Sustainable Farming Future via Agri-Robots
2020-06-27  Agriculture in the future will see increasing use of
scientifically precise farming techniques, where automated ‘agro-bots’
monitor, treat and work the land, using advanced technology designed to help
maximise yields and minimise disease ... sensors, cameras, GPS receivers,
and multiple electric motors (eight of them!) ... Yanmar advanced field
robotics research ...

EVLN: "Tesla Model V" e-vtol concept design
Tesla electric aircraft: Elon Musk responds to ‘Model V’ concept VTOL
June 27, 2020 ... has three motors powered by lithium-ion batteries, a
1,250-kilowatt rear motor paired with dual 650-kilowatt brushless motors
geared with rotor blades. All this adds up to provide distributed electric
propulsion, meaning if one part fails the aircraft can land safely. On the
exterior, there's a retractable landing gear hidden away under a carbon
fiber underbody. It has a magnesium fuselage, a titanium shell, and a wide
canopy that can be adapted to hold two people ...

Buying an EV knowledge

Xpeng P7 EV Deliveries> stolen/copied Tesla-tech company

Short range Mazda MX-30 35.5kWh EV> fun but not far

Tesla-X EVs Flap Their Falcon Wing Doors In Unison
These Tesla Model Xs Flap Their Falcon Wing Doors In Unison
June 27, 2020  If there’s one thing Tesla has really made a name for itself
with, other than actually making EVs cool and desirable, it is ...

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