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EVLN: Cross-country Cybertruck drive later this year
Elon Musk: Tesla aims to do ‘cross-country drive with Cybertruck later ths
Elon Musk said that Tesla aims to do a "cross-country drive with Cybertruck
later this year" to let people see the electric ...

EVLN: Aussie Leaf EV V2H powers winery &home (v)
South Australian family using electric car to power Barossa winery and house
30 Jun 2020  In one of the hottest and driest regions of the Barossa Valley,
a South Australian family is planning to be the first in the state to power
their winery and home off their electric car. Joe Evans and his wife Sue
have 10 acres and process 12 tonnes of fruit at Ballycroft Vineyard and
Cellars in Greenock ... they're going to run their winery and home using
their car as an energy source ... (video  flash)

Tesla Cybertruck release date, features, price (v)

Damon's e-motorcycles w/ V2H

Why Nikola Is Trolling Tesla

Nikola Badger battery pickup e-truck> taking deposit$
Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Buyers Can Place Deposits Starting Now
Jun 29, 2020  The Badger will be unveiled on December 4 and in the meantime,
you choose how much money to deposit to hold one: the company will match it.
-Nikola has opened reservations for its upcoming Badger [battery] electric
... pickup.
-The automotive startup also announced that the Badger will be unveiled on
December 4 at its annual Nikola World event.
-Deposit holders will secure spots at the event and be entered to win a free
truck ...

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