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EVLN: €9k Baojun/GM E300 competes w/ Maple 30x> soon in .eu market
Baojun sells electric cars in China for under $10000
Jul 2, 2020 ... Baojun ... launched the E300 and E300 Plus EVs ... a top
speed of 100kph ... Maple has launched ... the Maple 30x, which is already
being delivered to dealerships at prices of less than 9,000 euros (around
10,000 USD) ... 80% of the body consists of high-strength steel. The battery
pack is also wrapped in super-strong steel and equipped with an active
power-off system for extra protection in the event of a collision ...

EVLN: Sweet summer EV deals &huge discount$> (moving metal)
Summer EV deals: huge $15K discounts off Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Audi, more
Jul. 1st 2020 ... inventory backed up as a result of the pandemic,
traditional July 4 deals are on steroids this year. Combine that with a need
to find new EV buyers and move remaining 2019 models off the lot. The
result: Those so-called premiums on electric cars are being replaced with
discounts of up to $15,000 on popular, affordable models like the Chevy Bolt
and Nissan Leaf ... $8,500 manufacturers’ cash discount on the Bolt from
last month are still in place. But now we’re seeing Chevy dealerships put
another $4,000 to $6,000 on the table ...

GM retired EV packs for .cn energy storage power station

.cn geopolitical prize> rare-earth$

Distracted Tesla 2fer= bashes MA State Trooper's Vehicle +
Police: Tesla That Hit Mass. State Trooper's Vehicle Was In Autopilot
2020-06-30  The driver allegedly told police he "must not have been paying
attention" ... a Weston man driving a Tesla slammed into a Massachusetts
State Police cruiser that was stopped in the left lane of the road,
propelling the SUV forward into Smith's vehicle before spinning out ...

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