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EVLN: EV owner tossed lrr tires4 sticky-performance= less range
How Stickier Tires Impact an Electric Car's Range
Jul 2, 2020 ...  There has been one major tradeoff: efficiency. Prior to the
new wheels, I averaged 140 miles of range per charge, far beyond the
overachieving e-Golf’s 125-mile EPA rating. Afterward, it dropped to under
100 miles ...

EVLN: Dry Ice-Cooled Voxan e-Motorcycle> Land Speed World Record
 (old-idea: yrs-ago Otmar's e-racing Zilla's used ice2cool)
Dry Ice-Cooled Electric Motorcycle Aims for Land Speed World Record
Voxan has unveiled a new e-moto called Wattman, and aims to break the world
land speed record.
July 02, 2020 ... Voxan has debuted its newest electric motorcycle — called
the Voxan Wattman ... is a supremely fast bike — built for the singular
purpose of claiming the world record for the fastest electric motorcycle ...

.au luxury car tax threshold lifted4 EVs

.ca Unifor Union workers are strong allies for EVs

.de man bungled online Tesla-3 order> orders 28 EVs= €1.4M worth
Tesla stuff up: German man accidentally orders 28 new electric cars
01/07/2020 ... A German man has reportedly had quite a spot of bother with
his desired order for a Model 3 EV. According to a post on Reddit from the
man's son (posting under the name 'Ballon-Man'), he accidentally ordered 28
of the things — making for a total order of €1.4million ($2.4million) ...
bungled online orders, ... tried to carry out order after order, only to be
faced with a message saying the order had failed to go through due to a
payment issue ...

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