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EVLN: SeaBubbles hydrofoil-watercraft .fr e-taxi> Faster-Commute
This Insane Hydrofoiling Water Taxi Promises a Cleaner, Faster Commute to
the City
June 29, 2020 ... A French company called SeaBubbles has been a leader in
the field with an innovative and cool-looking electric water taxi that runs
on hydrofoils. The design means zero waves, emissions and noise while it
glides across the water, dropping its passengers from dock to dock ...

EVLN: Damen ECSD 650 AC-grid powered e-dredge
Damen Announces New Electric Cutter Suction Dredge
July 2, 2020 ... its first Electric Cutter Suction Dredger (ECSD) 650 ...
the ECSD 650 connects to the shoreside power grid...

.pl orders Solaris Urbino 8.9 LE e-buses

BYD EV got fake-chop'd $ponsorship-deal= .cn security $uck$

Two 12V ?PbSO4? e-rickshaw batteries exploded in W.Bengal .in
Explosion in e-rickshaw kills driver in West Bengal's Malda
July 02, 2020,  A 26-year-old e-rickshaw driver was killed after his moving
vehicle exploded ... two of the four batteries that power the e-vehicle
exploded ... driver Mohammad Illius ... body was ripped into pieces and the
vehicle was severely damaged ...

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