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EVLN: diy 10spd Washing_Machine_e-Motor e-bike conversion
The Spin Cycle: Washing Machine Motor Converts 10-Speed To E-Bike
2020/07/06  The “Spin Cycle” is an amazing electric bicycle built using a
motor salvaged from a washing machine; when the puns are this perfect you
have to roll with them ...

EVLN: £45k 2020 Renault Master ZE e-van> wimpy r:75mi
New electric 2020 Renault Master ZE van to be offered in three variants
6 Jul 2020  The new all-electric Renault Master ZE van has arrived, with a
starting price of around £45,000 and a 75-mile range  The all-electric Ford
Transit rival will be available to order from October this year, with prices
starting from £45,700 excluding VAT, but including the Government’s £3,000
plug-in vehicle grant ...

Cake’s Newest e-Motorcycle Tackles the Backcountry w/ a Sweet Touch

More Power for Tesla -S& -X, + Cheetah Launch Mode

Tesla to make molecule printers for COVID-19 vaccine developer CureVac

Speedy Cheetah-Mode Valet Parking-Lot Launches &Wrecks Tesla-S EV
 (!Always set EV in valet-mode!)
Tesla dashcam captures valet crashing Model S while testing Cheetah mode
Jul. 1st 2020 ... -Valet Mode: the owner forgot to enable it.
-TeslaCam: it captured the event. -Cheetah Mode: it was too tempting for the
valet not to try ... A Tesla owner captured on his car integrated dashcam
system a valet crashing his Model S while testing Cheetah mode ... the valet
used the new launch mode with Cheetah stance and crashed the vehicle ...
captured by TeslaCam, Tesla’s integrated dashcam system: (video  flash)

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