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EVLN: Tron-looking racing e-scooters> exciting kick off
New Scooter Racing Series Launches With Tron-Like Visuals
July 7, 2020  A new electric scooter racing championship supported by Lucas
di Grassi and Alex Wurz announces it will kick off exciting ...

EVLN: Jay Leno dives into the world of Canoo EV
Jay Leno dives into the world of subscription-based EV company Canoo
July 6, 2020  The former Tonight Show host even gets a stint behind the
wheel of an early test vehicle on public roads.
I went down to Torrance, California to Canoo to take a look at what this
subscription-only electric vehicle startup was doing ...

Cool Black Tea Mopeds> Irresistible Price &Offers

Nissan EV driver etiquette

Tesla fanboys removed R.Benoit's youtube video

Red Satin Shorts sold2 Celebrate punishing Tesla-Short-sellers
Elon Musk Started Selling Red Satin Shorts to Celebrate Tesla's Stock
Climbing, And It Crashed the Website
July 6, 2020  Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday to announce that his
electric car firm was selling limited-edition branded red satin ... The
shorts have the word "S3XY written on the back, a reference to Tesla's Model
S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y vehicles ... Musk has a well-documented
disdain for short sellers ... "What they do should be illegal." In the past,
he has sent packs of assorted shorts to billionaire short-seller David
Einhorn ...

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