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EVLN: Porsche registered 'EV-Type' trademark
Jaguar's Electric Sports Car Has A Name
2020-07-07  That all-electric Porsche 911 might have to happen sooner than
planned ... the UK automaker recently registered to trademark the nameplate
'EV-Type' with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
Automakers regularly file trademarks which often don't end up being attached
to a series production vehicle, but this time it seems Jaguar is very
serious about using the EV-Type name for a new all-electric sports car ...

EVLN: vw e-Up! 32kWh .de EV r:150mi/241km
The Volkswagen e-Up! brings fun to the EV segment
July 8, 2020  ... has boosted the battery count in the e-Up! ...Underneath
the e-Up! sits an electric motor linked to a 32.3kWh battery ... with around
150 miles (241 kilometres) per charge it can offer a genuinely useable range

Evija: updated James Bond HyperEV (v)

.de EV pack production with big state subsidies

Polestar2 EV animated rear lights> begain by 66' T-bird ice
The Polestar 2’s Animated Taillights Look Pretty Fun
July 8, 2020 ... Polestar 2, made in China by Geely as Volvo’s electric
sibling marque ... If modern taillights are going to be composed of matrices
of individual LEDs, why wouldn’t a carmaker seek to add a bit of animated
fun like this? ... UK-based auto journo Steve Fowler ... tweeted out this
... video of the animated dance the taillights do ... when the car is
remotely locked or unlocked ...

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