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 Ken Block: Electric Gymkhana coming
May 8, 2019  Paul Maric



The sound of a petrol engine banging off the redline has become a Gymkhana
staple, but Ken Block is keen on electric power as well.

We all knew it was coming. With the future slowly becoming all about
electric propulsion, the internet's favourite hoon says an electric Gymkhana
is on the way.

Speaking to media at the Eneos International Rally of Whangarei last week,
Hoonigan co-founder Ken Block told us he loves technology, but he'll always
have a soft spot for internal combustion engines.

"I'm a big fan of ICE engines but I like technology and I like change. I
don't look at the electric thing as a negative, I look at kind of the
positives of what can come from it," Block said.

"I will miss the sounds, I think all of us will, we're old. So my kids won't
give a shit like because they just 'oh, there's an electric car at school'.
They've grown up driving electric cars," said Block.

"Next generations aren't going to have the same love that we do for the
combustion engine, but I think that definitely watching some of the electric
racing, you lose the sound, you know, but I do embrace it."

On the topic of whether there will be an electric Gymkhana, Block said it
won't be long before an electric vehicle hits the streets of his next host
city to shred tyres.

"Yeah, I've actually wanted to do one [a Gymkhana episode with an electric
vehicle] for a long time. It will happen eventually. Ford has a very nice
electric car coming," Block said.

The electric car Block is referring to is the recently-announced,
Mustang-inspired EV that will offer three range variants; one that will
travel 484km, one that will achieve 600km of range, and a performance

Ford plans on releasing more details about the full EV model in November
this year, with a debut in 2020. Customers are expected to take first
deliveries in 2021.
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