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EVLN: Estrada's bitter-cold LA2NY Tesla-3 EV Cannonball Run record

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Tesla Model 3 driven from LA to New York in 50 hours
Jan 2, 2018  Zac Estrada

Alex Roy/Twitter

Alex Roy @AlexRoy144
How does a #Tesla #Model3 handle freezing temperatures?
I shall be reporting soon!
7:40 AM - Dec 30, 2017

Alex Roy @AlexRoy144
I can confirm that extreme cold negatively affects the #Tesla #Model3.
Also, ME.
7:44 AM - Dec 29, 2017

Alex Roy @AlexRoy144
The #Tesla #Model3 display is very well attached. Very.
8:32 AM - Dec 30, 2017

Alex Roy @AlexRoy144
Does #Tesla have a preferred winter tire for the #Model3?
9:19 PM - Dec 30, 2017

Alex Roy sets another Cannonball Run record for an electric car

The Tesla Model 3 may just now be leaving showrooms in significant numbers,
but can claim a record figure: it was part of the quickest trip across the
United States ever in an electric vehicle.

Alex Roy, editor-at-large for The Drive who’s already driven Teslas on the
same run in record-breaking time, completed this trip in the Model 3 in 50
hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds. Roy left with the car’s owner, Daniel
Zorrilla, from Redondo Beach, California just outside Los Angeles on
December 28 and drove to a Manhattan parking garage not far from the Empire
State Building.

Not only did the time best what Roy and a team did in 2016 when they did the
run using a Model S and Autopilot by about 5 hours, but it also beat a
record set just last summer by friends Jordan Hart and Bradly D'Souza in a
Model S 85D by more than an hour.

Roy tweeted throughout the trip, often about the bitterly cold weather
throughout much of the trip. Naturally, keeping the heater on would have a
great effect on the range of the Model 3, and therefore their trip time.
Still, it was also a test of how well the Model 3 would perform on a long
trip, how it holds up in freezing temperatures, and how well Tesla’s
Supercharger network holds up throughout the country (Roy and Zorrilla spent
roughly $100 charging on the trip, for the record).

But Roy’s run also served as a test for the quality of these early Model 3s,
something that has been in serious doubts amid production problems and panel
fit and reliability concerns of early cars. Despite low temperatures
throughout much of the trip, Zorrilla’s Model 3 got to NYC.

Look for Roy to detail the trip more soon. In the meantime, Tesla can
probably rest a little easier now that the Model 3 is, 1.) getting to
customers finally, and, 2.) can handle a harsh winter cross-country trip.
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