EVLN: Feds.ca award ODG $1M contract for unmanned 8whl amphibious EV

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EVLN: Feds.ca award ODG $1M contract for unmanned 8whl amphibious EV

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% This is possibly a pih, or a other hybrid being called an Electric in this news item (though I found nothing stating so). Besides Canada, the U.S. military is very interested in multi fuel electric hybrids. It means whatever fuel the driver finds, the vehicle can use/burn it. It also means it is more difficult to sabotage a fuel supply if the vehicle can run on just about anything that burns. %

Feds award ODG $1M contract for unmanned 8-wheeled vehicle program
March 6, 2017

The Argo assembly line in New Hamburg, Ont. Argo builds a range of rugged amphibious vehicles for industry and regular consumers. PHOTO: David Kennedy

New Hamburg, Ont. manufacturer wins new contract for driverless, amphibious Argo Atlas J8

NEW HAMBURG, Ont.—Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd.’s all-terrain vehicle division is getting a $1 million boost from the federal government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Argo, which builds rugged amphibious vehicles for adventurers, first responders, the military and a number of off-grid industries, will receive support for its Atlas J8 Unmanned Ground Vehicle program.

As part of the $1 million contract, Defence Research and Development Canada will put the remote-controlled vehicle through its paces at the Suffield Research Centre in Alberta. By proving new technologies and innovations with the Canadian government, the Build in Canada Innovation Program aims to help Canadian businesses land their first sale.

Designed for military rescue operations and disaster relief missions, the electric vehicle can traverse dangerous environments without putting soldiers at risk.

ODG operates three adjacent plants in New Hamburg, Ont. and employs more than 300 workers.
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