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ElectricGT 308, Ferrari 308 Electric Conversion (CleanTechnica Review)
November 11th, 2017  Nicolas Zart

ElectricGT Ferrari 308 Conversion Magnum PI Ferrari 308
Worlds 1st electric 1978 Ferrari 308  A Ferrari 308 Converted to Electricity
= The ElectricGT 308

ElectricGT Ferrari 308 Conversion





ElectricGT Ferrari 308 Conversion

videos  dated
Electric Mountain Driving: Torque & Turn Ses
Mountain Climbing in an electric 308 - 3:50
Aug 2, 2017 - Uploaded by Electric GT
Local Mountain motoring in the electrified Ferrari 308

Worlds 1st electric 1978 Ferrari 308 - 1:15
May 3, 2016 - Uploaded by Electric GT
Introducing the converted Ferrari 308 GTS! The World's First 100% Electric
Conversion of a Ferrari! This is ...

If you grew up in the 1980s, you might have fond memories of the Ferrari 308
that Tom Selleck drove in the Magnum P.I. series. And if you also grew up
with that generation, you’ve probably also lusted after one.

Would you scream sacrilege if one were converted to electricity? We didn’t
and we loved the long ride we had in the ElectricGT 308.

We first saw the ElectricGT 308 [
], a converted Ferrari 308, at the second Long Beach, California Formula E
championship. The car was briefly brought on the track and delighted an
excited public with screeching tires and donuts. It made almost no noise,
save for two belts whining as the electric motors pumped out a healthier 330
HP with 330 lb. ft. of torque. Healthier? That’s considering the original
308 had a modest 220 HP and 179 ft. lb of torque — and you can understand
how the driving dynamics have been completely changed with the ElectricGT

For those of you who have driven or ridden in an original Ferrari 308,
you’ll know its look was more aggressive than its raw performance. The
modest V8 did a good job for the ’80s and the transversal position made for
a fun and spirited ride. Sadly, Ferrari deliberately held it back from its
bigger V12 siblings at the time. Only the rare and elusive 288 GTO slapped
on two IHI turbos and showed how much potential the car had to offer. A few
privateers and bigger groups raced the 308 but it never achieved the success
its looks suggested.

Needless to say, we would love to have one of these vehicles in our garage
and the ElectricGT 308 certainly would be the one.

Eric took us on an hour-long ride, where he proved the conversion reveals
how much more performance a Ferrari 308 can offer. To put it mildly, the car
is glued to the road with frank and pronounced accelerations. This is
something you wouldn’t feel as much with the gasoline version. Now, of
course, Eric upgraded the suspension with QA-1 adjustable coil-overs and a
race front sway bar, which add to the stiffness and handling. All of this
makes the ElectricGT 308 an even better handling car than in its original
state. And oh yes, we can only wonder what Ferrari thinks!

ElectricGT 308, Re-Engineering the Ferrari 308 With Electricity

What Eric Hutchinson decided to do was to drop not one but three electric
motors in a longitudinal way. Strangely enough, that layout was considered
on the original 308 but Ferrari decided against to avoid running into
gearbox positioning problems. The electric conversion results are very
impressive. The car only adds an extra 300 or so pounds compared to the
original one, which is more than negated by the extra torque and horsepower
from those three electric motors.

We asked Eric why a Ferrari 308 conversion in the first place? This picture
below will explain a little more.

Eric bought this Ferrari 308 after it had burned from a fuel leak. The idea
of rebuilding it to its original performance didn’t stack up to a
three-electric-motor conversion. He said it was a question of what was
available at the time and what fit his budget. And if you know anything
about conversion projects, you know your original budget can easily balloon
5 times over if you don’t put your foot down at some point. Thus the
ElectricGT 308 was born.

Re-engineering the Ferrari 308 to drop its gasoline engine and embrace a
three-electric-motor setup was no small feat. The EV West crew had to do
some serious re-engineering with the back engine subframe.

Engineering three electric motors to come together onto a Porsche gearbox is
an impressive feat as well. Two electric motors lie on top and the bottom
one is directly connected to the gearbox. The two top ones use belts to
connect to the final shaft. The whine of those belts when under torque is

The batteries are laid out in the front and on each side of the electric
motors. The ElectricGT 308 has an even better center of gravity and an
improved handling.

Learning How To Convert A Ferrari 308 to Electricity

We saw what it takes to find the right drivetrain, shafts, and gearboxes on
the workbenches of EV West. Torn differentials, ripped gears, and bent and
twisted drive shafts adorn a few shelves. In the end, the ElectricGT 308
uses a Porsche G50 gearbox and uses mostly the 2nd and 4th gear, although
all gears are available. You just don’t need it. The electric motors rev up
to synchronize with the rpm of the gearbox and, voila, no need for
super-reinforced clutches — although, the stronger, the better.

The other project Eric has been working on is a little bit more approachable
and affordable than the ElectricGT 308. How about a Fiat 124 Spider electric
conversion? As you can see from his site, Eric has an electric Fiat 124
Spider in the works. And after that, he also has a 1957 Jeep and a 1970
Toyota Fj40 awaiting their conversions.

EV West is a great place where you will find a fine bunch of electric
aficionado. Almost everything learned from the school of hard rocks is
available there. We met a team that redefines modern hot rodding in Southern
California. Instead of gasoline fumes and oil spills, there are batteries
and buzzing ...

And as to the question you’re probably all waiting to have answered, how
much would this converted car cost? You’ll have to wait a few months, as the
ElectricGT 308 may go on the auction block at Barrett Jackson in January ...
[© cleantechnica.com]

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