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EVLN: Fiat Centoventi EV Concept> 100 to 500km pack options

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Fiat Previews Future Panda City Car With New Centoventi EV Concept
March 5, 2019  Michael Karkafiris



Fiat is celebrating its 120th anniversary with the new Centoventi concept,
an all-electric design study that shows how the next generation of the
popular Panda city car will, largely, look like.

The new Centoventi (“one hundred and twenty” in Italian) features an
innovative interior than can be easily configured in many different layouts,
while the dashboard has special slots that can receive a range of
accessories for the ultimate customization experience.

The electric powetrain of the concept comes with a swappable and upgradeable
battery pack, with customers able to add up to three extra battery cells
after the purchase of the vehicle in order to extend its driving range. Fiat
says that the new electric city car concept offers between 100km (62 miles)
and 500km (310 miles) of driving range, depending on how many battery packs
are onboard.

Fiat’s latest concept is described as a ‘blank canvas’, as it will be
produced in just one livery and let customers decide their desired
specification through its “4U” personalization program. This includes a
choice between 4 roofs, 4 bumpers, 4 wheel covers and 4 external wrappings,
giving the Centoventi not only a very wide range of ways to be customized
but unprecedented freedom as well, as owners can change their cars’
specification any day they like.
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