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Fisker electric SUV named Ocean, and it'll have an app-based lease
Oct 31st 2019  John Beltz Snyder

Fisker Ocean EV / Fisker



Fisker calls it 'world’s most sustainable vehicle'

Veteran car designer and Fisker chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker has done much
teasing of his new electric crossover, and now it has a name: the Fisker
Ocean. We like it, if we’re being honest.
In the Fisker brand’s previous iteration, during the era of the Karma, it
had at one point planned a vehicle called the Atlantic, and we dig the
marine theme. We’ve also got a few clear photos of the Fisker Ocean showing
off its front and rear, as well as a look at its solar roof. On the
tailgate, we can now see the “Ocean” badge beneath the Fisker logo.

Fisker also announced that the Ocean will get an app-based leasing program,
which Henrik Fisker himself has promised will be priced “way, way, way
lower” than the electric Volvo XC40 under the Care by Volvo program (which
starts at $700 a month), with “way, way, way more miles per year” and “no
minimum term.”

“The future of mobility is about enjoying an electric vehicle without
hassle, long-term commitment and the prohibitive high cost of ownership,”
Henrik Fisker said in a statement. “Driving the Fisker Ocean will be easy:
through a flexible lease via a mobile app. And we take care of all the
service and maintenance. Simply put, we’re introducing the future of
hassle-free, fun and easy e-mobility.” Reservations of for the Ocean open
through the app on November 27.

We won’t see the full reveal of the Fisker Ocean until January 4, 2020, but
Fisker has offered a number of details about what it claims is “the world’s
most sustainable vehicle.” The EV will come standard with an 80-kWh battery
pack, with Fisker targeting about 250 to 300 miles of driving range on a
charge. It features a solar roof, which could provide 1,000 miles of free
range per year, with eventual hardware improvements increasing those

Fisker has also put a lot of thought into the materials going into the
Ocean. In lieu of leather, the crossover will feature a vegan interior. The
carpet is made from recycled nylon, sourced from abandoned fishing line
pulled from the oceans and other aquatic habitats. Eco-suede materials are
recycled from recycled polyester and other recycled plastics. The car will
also use rubber repurposed from tire manufacturing waste.

Fisker will unveil the working, production-spec prototype during a
livestream on January 4, but don’t be surprised if we got more teasers
between now and then, especially around the launch of the lease app. Fisker
expects to begin producing the Ocean in 2021, with high-volume deliveries in
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Fisker Ocean Is Namesof a Sub-$40,000 Electric SUV Coming in Late 2021
October 31, 2019  UPDATE 6/14/19: Henrik Fisker has shown a teaser photo of
the upcoming Fisker electric SUV on Twitter. It shows the car's side
profile, revealing its Tesla-esque door handles, a prominent kink at the
C-pillar, and a black-painted roof that slopes downward at the rear. There's
also a slim wrapround taillight and an interesting high-visibility turn
signal on the D-pillar that Fisker says "will provide extra safety when you
change lanes." He also says this new vehicle will be unveiled in December
2019 ...

Fisker electric SUV named Ocean, and it'll have an app-based lease
October 31, 2019  

Modern Tires Will Be Much More Than Silent Partners
2019/10/20  “Mobility is going through a rapid transformation and driving
new innovations in the tire industry. New tire technology optimized for
electric vehicles ... Autonomous cars will present new challenges ...

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