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Fisker teases an electric pickup – should you even care about it?
Aug. 9th 2019  Fred Lambert



Fisker, Henrik Fisker’s new electric car startup, is now teasing an electric
pickup truck in the work. Should you even care about it at this point?

Over the last few years, Henrik Fisker has been trying to launch a new EV
startup under his own name after his original effort failed in 2013 and
other companies took over.

Last year, the startup unveiled their new EMotion all-electric vehicle with
the claim of a 400-mile range on a single charge.

Unlike the first Fisker electric car which was dependent on a battery system
from A123, they are claiming that they developed their own battery
technology for their new vehicles.

Fisker also claimed a solid-state battery ‘breakthrough’ for electric cars
with ‘500 miles range and 1-minute charging’.

Earlier this year, the famed car designer announced a new $40,000 electric
car from the startup and later started teasing that it will be an SUV.

He unveiled new images of the electric Fisker SUV last month.

This week, Fisker announced that they are planning to build an electric
pickup truck and another vehicle on the same platform:

    ALL automotive segments have to be electrified ! After our Fisker
electric SUV, we have already decided on our next 2 EV’s on the same
platform! #fisker #EVs #ElectricVehicle #Automotive #sustainability #cool
#FutureTech #Trending pic.twitter.com/0FRt0yolsR
    — Henrik Fisker (@henrikfisker) August 7, 2019

The announcement comes after several other companies have announced serious
plans to bring electric pickup trucks to market.

Ford recently unveiled its electric F150 pickup truck prototype, Rivian
plans to bring the R1T electric pickup truck to market next year and Tesla
says it’s going to unveil its own pickup truck later this year.

Fisker didn’t say exactly when it plans to unveil its pickup truck, but it
will come after the SUV, which should be unveiled later this year and they
have plans for production in 2021.
Electrek’s Take

So, should you even care about it at this point?

The answer is no.

I have to give credit to Fisker for having brought an electric vehicle to
market with his last startup. That’s quite an achievement even though it
didn’t end well.

However, I am having a hard time finding any credibility with this new

They have now unveiled 3 vehicle concepts and announced two more vehicles in
the work, including this new electric pickup truck, without having brought
anything to production.

It’s extremely hard to bring a single vehicle to production – forget about 5
different EVs.

They shouldn’t even be thinking about a pickup truck until they bring the
EMotioin to market. That car was supposed to have a factory last year and be
in low volume production this year.

With none of that happening yet, I can’t give any credibility to Fisker’s
other vehicles ...
[© electrek.co]

Valmet Automotive To Produce EV Batteries In Former Nokia Plant
Aug 10, 2019  Valmet Automotive ... will start its first large-scale
production of electric vehicle battery packs in Salo/Finland, in a former
nokia.com plant ... within sight of the Audi plant Neckarsulm ... produced
the Think City in 2009 and the original Fisker Karma in 2011-2012 ...
China's CATL is a lithium-ion battery cell partner ...

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