EVLN: Ford Moves 300-Mile Range EV production To Mexico

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EVLN: Ford Moves 300-Mile Range EV production To Mexico

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Ford Moves 300-Mile Range EV To Mexico So Its Michigan Factory Can Do
Autonomous Vehicles
Dec 7, 2017  Kristen Lee

1st Gear: Ford’s Moving EV Production To Mexico

Don’t worry, kids, Ford’s electric crossover is still happening. It just
won’t be built at the Flat Rock, Michigan, plant anymore.

Instead, Ford will start building the 300-mile range crossover at its
Cuautitlan plant in Mexico in order to free up Flat Rock and turn it into an
“AV center of excellence,” reports Automotive News.

    Ford now plans to devote more volume to its autonomous vehicle
development. With the move, confirmed Wednesday by Ford, Ford said it will
invest an additional $200 million and add another 150 jobs.

    Focusing on autonomous vehicles in Flat Rock also allows Ford to build
its long-range electric crossover in a low-cost country.

This is all part of Ford’s plan to slash costs and reinvest funds in

In terms of autonomy, Ford is still behind GM, which launched its Super
Cruise system in select Cadillac cars earlier this year. It needs to make up
for that lost ground and quick ...
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Ford to build electric vehicles in Mexico, revamp Flat Rock plant for
self-driving cars
Dec. 7, 2017 - Clarification: This version of the story clarifies Ford's
plan for its electric car production in Mexico. Ford Motor Co. is shifting
production of an all-electric vehicle to Mexico, while saying it will create
850 jobs by adding production of an autonomous car in Flat Rock, where it
also will continue building the ...

EVLN: 200mi Ford-e EV> hecho_en.mx w/ 2019 nextgen-Focus underpinnings
... Mexico. Competition will be stiff by the time they reach the market
allegedly in 2019 – the Bolt and Model 3 will be out, as well as a new
generation of the top selling Nissan Leaf ...
Aug 23, 2016

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