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EVLN: Fragomeni's Wangara.au based e-dragster w/ a 4MW pack ts:600kph

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Top EV Racing’s electric dragster has energy of “18kg of TNT”
November 23rd, 2017  

The dragster: Enough grunt to power a suburb

IT’S a groundbreaking dragster built to pack four million watts and a top
speed of more than 600km/h all with the power of electricity.

Wangara-based Top EV Racing’s quest to produce the world’s “fastest
accelerating wheel-driven vehicle” is nearing completion. Engineers are
hoping to build a solar-charged electric car capable of outracing its
fuel-powered rivals.

Driver and company director Michael Fragomeni recently described the
vehicle’s muscle to newatlas.com like this:

“We’re talking about enough potential power, mounted within a foot behind my
head, to run a whole suburb of houses with lights and appliances switched
on. The electro-chemical energy density of the battery pack is equivalent to
more than 18kg of TNT.”

The team hopes to claim the top drag racing and land speed records, and to
feature in the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest accelerating
electric vehicle and fastest accelerating wheel-driven vehicle outright.

The project has attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel Canada,
which is producing a documentary on the teams’ lofty ambitions.

Fragomeni will present an update on the dragster to Innovation and Science
Minister Dave Kelly on Friday.

He will also announce new electric vehicle and clean technologies.
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Outrageously Powerful Electric Dragster Wants To Dethrone Top Fuelers
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speed. Led by electronic engineer Michael Fragomeni, Top EV Racing is
working on a 1,000-volt ...
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300 MPH Electric Dragster In The Works
Oct 20, 2014 - Fragomeni is not only the lead engineer and project manager,
he is also the team's primary driver. According to Dragzine, the first goal
of his Arc'd Up dragster is to smash the existing world land speed record
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Can This Electric Dragster Go 4's At over 300 MPH?
Oct 15, 2014 - The TOP EV dragster will utilize a solar-charged electric
motor delivering what the team, headed up by project engineer Michael
Fragomeni, estimates to be in the neighborhood of 2,500 horsepower
equivalency. This, they believe, will push the dragster to quarter-mile
passes in under five seconds at over ...

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