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Fresco Motors unveils intriguing electric sedan with unbelievable specs and
Aug. 2nd 2019  Fred Lambert


Fresco Motors, Norway-based EV startup, has unveiled an intriguing new
electric sedan with unbelievable specs and features.

Norway is without a doubt the world leader in electric vehicle adoption, but
despite the market buying more EVs per capita than any other country in the
world, Norway is not producing its own electric car.

Fresco Motors wants to change that.

The startup came out of stealth mode this week by unveiling its first car:
The Reverie.

It’s an all-electric sedan with a radical design that is somehow reminiscent
of both the original Tesla Model S prototype (without the nosecone) and a
Chrysler 300 (look at the window/door proportions):

The size of the Fresco Reverie is somwhere between a Tesla Model S and Model
3, two of the most popular electric vehicles in Norway.

Here are the dimensions of the Reverie:
    Length: 4807 mm
    Width: 2226 mm
    Height: 1401 mm
    Wheelbase: 2746 mm

The company only unveiled a few computer-generated images and clearly
doesn’t have a working prototype.

Yet, Fresco is promising some unbelievable specs and features.

For the range, the company didn’t offer any specifics and instead, it only
said that owners will not have any range anxiety.

In terms of performance specs, the startup says that the Reverie will be
able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2 seconds and achieve
a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

It claims to achieve that with an AC induction motor and a 4-speed automatic
gearbox with “overdrive.”

As for some cool features, Fresco says that the Reverie will come with
“portable batteries”:

    “It’s common amongst owners of vehicles with internal combustion engines
to have jerrycans. Why shouldn’t owners of electric vehicles have the same?”

The startup also says that its vehicles will come with a wireless charging

Fresco is not releasing pricing or a timeline for the availability of its
electric sedan, but it started taking reservations this week.

Electrek’s Take

There are a lot of interesting ideas here, but it’s clearly all vaporware
for now.

The computer-generated images are not a good look. I believe that companies
should wait until they have a working prototype before unveiling anything.

As for the claimed specs, here’s what Fresco says:

    “All of these technical details are subject to change. The vehicle
information is based on Fresco’s current engineering data and the technology
available to us at the time of this publication. Fresco assumes no
responsibility for changing technical data or information.”

That’s why it’s better to have an actual prototype because that basically
means “here’s what we think we can do,” which doesn’t mean much.

However, it doesn’t mean that the project is doomed. I just don’t think it’s
the best way to introduce yourself to the public.
[© electrek.co]

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