EVLN: Fuel-scarce/electricity-abundance drives PNG.id EV sales

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EVLN: Fuel-scarce/electricity-abundance drives PNG.id EV sales

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Electric Vehicles are in High Demand in Papua
3 October 2019  FRANCISCA CHRISTY ROSANA, Petir Garda Bhwana, Dewi Elvia


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The electric vehicles [
] manufacturer Selis is quite successful in working on the market in Papua
as many Asgats people had ordered its electric motorbike. Harlan, the
director of PT Juara Bike that is the rights holder of Selis, said that the
products were mostly shipped to Papua distributor office every month.

According to Harlan, this electric motorbike is suitable to meet Papuans’
needs. "Fuels are hard to find in there, but they have an abundant supply of
electricity. So the suitable transportation is the electric ones," said
Harlan at Milenium Hotel, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, October 2.

Each type of electric motorbike is set at various prices, ranging from Rp12
million to Rp15 million. The best-selling product is the cheapest one, he

Despite the sales positively increased, Harlan said the company is still
awaiting the issuance of derivative regulations that allow the issuance of
vehicle ownership documents (STNK). "At present, the electric motor runs
without vehicle registration," he explained.

Harlan mentioned that his products sold up to 50 units per month since 2017.
"Since it was launched 3 years ago, the sales reach 50 units per month. We
previously produced electric bicycles only," he claimed.

Harlan further said that the sales skyrocketed after the President released
the Presidential Regulation No. 55/2019 on the acceleration of the operation
of electric vehicles [
] for road transportation.
[© en.tempo.co]
... Papua New Guinea (PNG for short) occupies the eastern half of the island
of New Guinea (the western part belongs to Indonesia). The capital is called
Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea is rich in natural resources (gold, oil, nat.
gas and copper) ...

SmartE Inaugurates 2 new EV Charging Hubs in Delhi
Oct 5th, 2019  SmartE has successfully commissioned two new EV charging hubs
... 300 electric three-wheelers are rolled out ... which will help nearly
30,000 commuters to move on a daily basis ...  is also offering free rides
to the customers, for the first 8-10 days ...

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