EVLN: GM Korea importing 5000 383km U.S. made Bolt EVs in 2018

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EVLN: GM Korea importing 5000 383km U.S. made Bolt EVs in 2018

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GM Korea set to import 5,000 EVs in 2018
2017-12-28  Jhoo Dong-chan

The Chevrolet Bolt EV / Courtesy of GM Korea

GM Korea will import around 5,000 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles (EVs)
next year, aiming to take the lead in the nation's increasingly competitive
eco-friendly car market.

A government source said on condition of anonymity GM Korea has a plan to
import and sell around 5,000 Bolt EVs next year, and a GM Korea official
partly confirmed this.

"I can't comment on the company's sales plan for next year at this point,
but it's true we said 5,000 when the government asked about it," the GM
official said.

"We were very surprised at the Bolt EV's explosive popularity earlier this
year. We started receiving pre-orders for the model on March 17, and all 400
cars available were sold out in two hours. I believe the EV model's
competitiveness is unparalleled in the nation's eco-friendly market."

According to the Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association,
10,075 EVs were sold between January and October this year, and GM Korea's
plan to import and sell 5,000 Bolt EVs next year implies its ambition to
take a big chunk of the market.

A senior engineer of General Motors demonstrated his confidence in the Chevy
Bolt EV's success.

"With its drive range of 383 kilometers, you don't need to charge the Bolt
EV every day. I also drive the Bolt EV in the United States and charged it
only once a week. With a model like the Bolt EV, you don't need to look
around to find charging stations every day," GM Chevrolet Bolt EV chief
engineer Michael Lelli said.

"The model is a revolutionary product that was developed based on the deep
expertise of GM engineers worldwide and years of customer feedback and
innovative partnerships. With its affordability, long range and exciting new
technologies, it will enable more customers to experience a true EV life."

The Bolt EV is priced at 47.79 million won, but end consumers would pay less
than 30 million won thanks to government subsidies for EVs.

Apart from the model's affordability and drive range, the Bolt EV's
performance was also proven to dispel many misgivings about EVs _ slow and
boring machines with batteries that may suddenly discharge while driving.

Mounting a 150 KW motor that can produce a maximum of 204 horsepower with
36.7 kg.m torque, the Chevy Bolt EV can reach 100 kilometers per hour in
less than seven seconds. The popular BMW 320d sports sedan takes more than
seven seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour.
[© koreatimes.co.kr]

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