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EVLN: Garbage pickup e-tuks haul city waste> (save$ lots of denaro, paisa, wampum)

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Electric vehicles to shift garbage in city
July 11, 2017  VIJAYAWADA

Pollution-free: The electric three-wheeler to be used for waste disposal

In a first in the country, the State government is going to use smart and electric waste disposal vehicles in Vijayawada in place of diesel-powered trucks and vans, said Municipal Commissioner J. Nivas.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday will flag off a fleet of 10 smart and emission-free electric three-wheelers manufactured by the Hyderabad-based startup Gayam Motor Works.

The vehicles will be used for waste collection and disposal in the city as a pilot project and later all the garbage vehicles of the VMC would be replaced with them.

Tracking tech

The vehicles are also equipped with IoT technology and the movement, route of travel, disposal and pick up points can be reviewed on a central dashboard by VMC authorities.

Explaining the system in a release, Mr. Nivas said, “City’s waste management system can now be monitored from a single location by officials using mobile and cloud-connected systems. The fleet of electric vehicles communicates real-time status to actionable web-based software.”

“The system is helpful in three ways to the civic body — reduction of cost of maintenance and pollution and efficient monitoring. A diesel vehicle needs INR3 per kilometre while the expenditure on the electric vehicles is 50 paise[INR0.5] per kilometre. In five years, the civic body can save INR3.2 lakh[US$4962] per vehicle,” said B. Sri Harsha, CEO of Gayam Motor Works.

“Electric vehicles including three-wheelers have been used for various purposes across the country, but it is the first time such a vehicle is being used for garbage transportation,” he added.
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Gayam Motor Works (GMW) is an Indian automobile brand that designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles. GMW has the history of exporting three and four wheeled auto rickshaws to more than fifteen countries. GMW Taskman – Cargo SmartAuto (Li-Ion)

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denaro (“money”)
paisa a monetary unit of India and Nepal ,,,
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Jan 14, 2013 - Wampum was white or purple beads and discs fashioned from two shells: the white beads from the whelk, a sea snail with a spiral shape, and the quahog, a clam with purple and white coloring ...

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