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Gogoro delivers record high 4,000 electric scooters in July
2017/08/04  Han Ting-ting and Elizabeth Hsu  Enditem/J

[image  / Gogoro
(electric scooters)

Taipei, Aug. 4 (CNA) Taiwanese electric smartscooter maker Gogoro Inc. delivered 4,042 new and licensed scooters in July, setting a record high in Taiwan's electric motorcycle marketing history.

Since the Gogoro 2 series launched in late May, it has been generating good sales for the company, Gogoro chief marketing executive Chen Yen-yang said Friday.

A total of 4,042 new Gogoro scooters were licensed and delivered to buyers last month, the highest number in Taiwan's electric motorcycle marketing history, Chen said. Moreover, more than 5 million battery swaps had occurred as of the end of July, he added.

Chen further said that there are 180 suppliers of parts and components for Gogoro 2, which has over 1,000 components. Within a month, more than 4 million components were ready for the production of over 4,000 scooters.

"This proves Taiwan's leading status in the manufacturing sector," according to Chen.

Gogoro, which has sold more than 20,000 smartscooters in two years, operates nearly 400 battery-swapping stations in western Taiwan, from Keelung in the north to Pingtung in the south, the company said.

An average of 14,000 battery swaps occur every day. Using big data, the company can adjust its battery supply planning at any time to ensure that supplies are sufficient, Gogoro said.

Under the Gogoro model, riders can exchange batteries at swapping points, so that they do not need to recharge the batteries themselves.
[© Central News Agency]

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