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EVLN: !Hey No Cuts! FormulaE FanBoost lets drivers 'cheat'

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Formula E opens FanBoost voting, lets drivers 'cheat' with fan support
By  Danny King  Oct 26th 2014   FIA Formula E

Social Media Can Literally Affect The Race

NASCAR, take note: this is one fun idea. FIA Formula E Championship organizers are letting the general public vote for their favorite racer in the first-ever electric-vehicle racing circuit. And the so-called FanBoost feature is far more than a popularity contest.

The three highest vote getters will each receive a five-second "speed burst" that can be used during the circuit's second race in Putrajaya, Malaysia on November 22. That means their cars will be programmed to allow a five-second boost of 243 horsepower, up from the standard 202.5 horsepower. Wouldn't we all like to have that behind the wheel? Since we can't juice up our own cars using digital votes, the next best thing is to vote at the Formula E Fanboost site, which also allows you to broadcast your choice over social media channels.

Formula E's first race took place last month in Beijing, China. There, Lucas di Grassi took home the checkered flag after pole-position winner Nicolas Prost and fellow race leader (at the time) Nick Heidfeld crashed shortly before the finish line.

Formula E's organizers announced that the racing series will shift from a single-make series to an open one for its second year, meaning that Renualt will no longer be the only electric-motor provider. Formula E's first US race will take place in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day 2015. For more on the boost-in-popularity option, take a look at Formula E's press release below.

-full PR text-
FanBoosT Re-OPens FOR Putrajaya ePRiX

Voting goes live one month ahead of second race

LONDON, UK (October 24 2014) – Voting for Formula E's interactive FanBoost feature is now open – www.fiaformulae.com/fanboost - four weeks to go before the championship's second race in Putrajaya on November 22.

FanBoost allows fans to vote for their favourite driver giving them an extra 'speed burst' during the race, helping them to overtake or defend their position.

The three drivers with the most votes each receive a five-second power boost per car, per driver, temporarily increasing their car's power from 150kw (202.5bhp) to 180kw (243bhp).

Benoit Dupont, Formula E's sporting manager, said: "FanBoost is something that is not only unique to the FIA Formula E Championship but all sporting events as it allows fans to potentially influence the outcome of the race and to interact with the drivers rather than just watching at home. For race two, we have introduced voting in Chinese and Japanese languages with more languages available soon."

Just click here to cast your vote. You can change your mind as many times as you want until voting closes a short time before the start of the race.
For more information visit www.fiaformulae.com
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Formula E Fanboost
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