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EVLN: Hiriko, the folding electric car (video)


[video] Hiriko, the folding electric car
By Auto123.com  Dec 17 2012  Source: Lyon Femmes

CityCar Changing Places Group
MITChangingPlaces  Jul 9, 2011

Hiriko, a tiny electric car jointly developed by a group of Basque entrepreneurs and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will be launched in Berlin next month.

Following a stop at the Geneva Auto Show, it will enter production in the spring and later be put in service in a number of cities. Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Boston and London have already shown some interest.

Mainstream availability is also in the cards, with pricing set at E12,500 plus battery leasing fees.

Hiriko stands a mere 2.5 metres long, or 20 centimetres shorter than a smart fortwo. However, the sliding rear axle allows the car to ''fold'' to just 1.5 metre. That means you could fit three Hirikos into a single regular parking spot!

The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, and each one incorporates its own driving motor. Together, they provide a range of up to 120 kilometres along with a top speed of 60 km/h. Charging the battery takes 15 minutes only.

In addition to the standard Hiriko, expect convertible (Alai) and pickup (Laga) variants to come in the near future.
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Hiriko Folding Electric Car Arrives
by Larry Bell  


Hiriko folding electric car - full demo
TechnologicVehicles   Jul 24, 2012

A tiny, folding EV will be introduced in Berlin in Jan. 2013. The vehicle was the joint creation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a consortium of Basque investors. The car, called Hiriko, will not go into full-scale production until the second quarter of the year, but will eventually make its way to the roads of Boston, Paris, Berlin, and London. The EV is expected to sell for around $16,500, in addition to a battery-lease fee, once it becomes available in retail showrooms. The early stage of its rollout will see the Hiriko in action as a car-sharing vehicle.
Hiriko: Video

Watch some Hiriko live footage in the video clip ... To call it a folding car doesn’t really do justice to the versatile, miniature EV. It twists and turns in almost every direction to get the most out of its tiny frame. Hiriko might just become the world-record holder for ‘easiest car to park,’ because its wheelbase allows for 360-degree rotation and the passenger compartment slides in and out to accommodate easy entry and exit. The clip provides a few interior shots that give us an idea of what the driver sees from the cockpit. Even though the Hiriko will be marketed and sold as a “city car,” it would be the ultimate sightseeing vehicle on a trip to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, given the spectacular view from the driver’s seat.

With a top speed of 37 mph and an electric range of 75 miles, the Hiriko’s battery charges up in just 15 minutes. Each one of the four wheels has its own electric motor, a feature that will continue in later versions of the car, which will include a small pickup truck and convertible passenger car.

For more about the amazing folding car, which also happens to be an EV, see Hiriko’s official corporate website:
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Hiriko 'folding' EV will be produced for German car-sharing project next year
Once all of the technical approvals have been obtained, it is planned to integrate Hiriko into Deutsche Bahn's electric car sharing system –denominated eFlinkster. In practice, these Basque vehicles will circulate through the urban landscape ...autoblog · ByDanny King · 12 hours ago

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