EVLN: Holy frijole! $25.6k MX launched its first nationally produced EV

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EVLN: Holy frijole! $25.6k MX launched its first nationally produced EV

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Mexico launches its first electric car
July 10, 2017  Santiago Tello

Mexico's electric Zucua

Mexico launches its first nationally produced electric car

Mexico City, D.F. — Mexicana Motores Limpios S.A.P.I. has launched the first 100 percent nationally produced electric car. The urban two-seater coupé will be introduced to the public during the remainder of 2017, says the company’s CEO Jorge Martinez.

The company has made 100 of the new Zacua’s, which offers consumers 160 kilometers of travel on a single battery charge, which from zero to full, takes eight hours. The Zacua has a fully electric motor developed by Dynamic Technological Alliance with a French design by the firm Chatenet. The battery is of Chinese origin.

The car can be charged at home with a separate installed CFE meter, however, the vehicle is compatible with existing charging systems of other vehicle manufacturers and has a battery warranty of five years.

The company intends to produce 200 units for next year and 300 for 2019. Martinez said that in the next two years, Mexicana Motores Limpios could launch four models and start exporting when they manufacture 2,000 or 3,000 units a year with the necessary governmental incentives.

The Mexican Zucua will be marketed at a starting price of 460,000 peso.
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460000 Mexican Pesos or 460000 MXN to USD: = 25 561,80
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