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Hinckley Yachts Look To The Future With Their Elegant And Innovative
Electric-Powered Boat
May 6, 2018  Bill Springer

Hinckley Yachts  Dasher

Dasher underway

Dasher's controls


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As anyone who gets out on the water in the United States knows, Hinckley
Yachts have built innovative yachts since the company was founded in Maine
in 1928. But, the sexy "all-electric" 28-foot, 6-inch Dasher is unlike
anything the company has ever built before.

This 21st century design is aptly called Dasher after the original,
game-changing, Hinckley Picnic Boat that created a whole new genre of yachts
in the 1990's—and are still incredibly popular today. It sports a
carbon-epoxy composite hull designed by Michael Peters to provide superior
performance and handling.

And it sports amazingly realistic hand-painted "teak" brightwork that never
needs to be oiled and saves power-sapping weight.

Titanium hardware and iPad-like controls are elegantly modern.

Dasher's twin 80 horsepower electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion
batteries provide Tesla-like electric performance. And according to Hinckley
CEO Peter O'Connell, “The Hinckley Whisper Drive silent propulsion system
combines the latest hydrodynamics, electric power and digital control
systems to achieve the performance handling and maneuverability that
discerning clients will expect.”

According to the company, Dasher is a zero emissions boat that requires zero
time at the fuel dock. It can be charged with dual 50 amp charging cables
that are standard in most marinas, and charge twice as fast as the most
popular plug-in electric cars.

Since its cruising speed is a modest 10 MPH with fast cruising at 18-27 MPH,
and its range on a single charge is limited to 40 miles or less, Dasher is
not intended to be an offshore boat.

But, when it comes touring Nantucket Harbor on a sunny Summer afternoon
aboard a truly American original, there's nothing else like it.
[© forbes.com]
Hinckley Yachts ... innovative and timeless yachts. In the spirit of our
legacy of innovation, we are excited to announce. Dasher, the world's first
fully electric luxury motor yacht ...
[video  dated
Hinckley Yachts Dasher, the Fully Electric Luxury Yacht 1:41
Oct 20, 2017 - Uploaded by Hinckley Yachts
Designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, Dasher achieves a
new standard of excellence with ...

If Tesla Made An Electric Motor Yacht, It Might Look Something Like This
April 30, 2018


Tesla has made sedans, crossovers, roadsters, even professional-grade
trucks. But what if it made a yacht?

That’s the question which Aziz Belkharmoudi sought to answer with this
design project. Shared on Behance, the concept is called the Tesla E-Vision
Granturismo. In short, it’s a nearly 60-foot- (18-meter-) long motor yacht.
But instead of conventional seagoing engines, it (theoretically) uses the
powertrain from the Model S.

With two of them on board, the vessel is envisioned to produce a massive
1,800 horsepower (or 1,350 kW). That’d be enough, according to the designer,
to give it a cruising speed of 30 knots, and a top end of over 40 knots. Or
in landlubber terms, 35 and 46 mph, respectively.

Belkharmoudi envisions using carbon-Kevlar construction, and decking the
interior out in wood. It even has photovoltaic cells (read: solar panels) on
the front deck to help keep those lithium-ion batteries topped up out on the
open water. Despite its rather large size, it’s said to have ample room for
eight passengers. And it’d be operated by touchscreen displays instead of
conventional instruments and controls, just like Tesla’s electric road cars.

That is, it would, if Tesla were to build such a vessel. But we doubt it
would. Elon Musk’s idea is to help move the masses (who can afford it, at
any rate) along the earth’s surface. And as expensive as some of Tesla’s
vehicles can be, a yacht of this size would be worth a good million dollars
or so. And we just can’t see Musk and Tesla going after that elite a market.
[© carscoops.com]
E-Vision Granturismo Boat Incorporates Tesla Batteries
Jun 15, 2016  

BYD Auto plan to set up electric vehicles plant in Hyderabad
11 May 2018  BYD Auto Co, Ltd a leading Chinese company which produces
electric vehicles, intends to establish its production plant in Hyderabad.
Representatives from the ...

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