EVLN: IstanbulU's T1 Travels 436km on EV Turkey Tour (videos)

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EVLN: IstanbulU's T1 Travels 436km on EV Turkey Tour (videos)

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Turkish Electric Car Travels 436 KM On Single Charge (w/videos)
[20141022]  by Mark Kane  Daily Sabah




LOCAL Electric Car Turkey Tour Day 1: Istanbul - Ankara Road
iu1453 Sep 17, 2014
LOCAL Istanbul University Team within the Electric Car
executed, LOCAL 5000 by means of T1 test-km Tour of Turkey
436 km of roads, which is the first leg of the Istanbul-Ankara-fold Test Images

LOCAL Electric Car Day 2 Tour of Turkey: Ankara Open Day
iu1453 Sep 18, 2014
LOCAL Istanbul University Team within the Electric Car
LOCAL performed with T1-tool driven from Istanbul to Ankara
After the KM 436 electric vehicles in Ankara Kizilay Güvenpark
was introduced to the public.

LOCAL Electric Car Tour of Turkey Day 4: Samsun-Trabzon Road
iu1453 Sep 22, 2014
Tour of Turkey starting from Samsun on the fourth day of the test
Trabzon taking the right path has covered a total of 126 km of roads. the weather conditions due to poor presentation could be made in Trabzon. The decelerating effect of the increase in rainfall due to journey Samsun-Trabzon route to short-range test

LOCAL Electric Car Tour of Turkey Day 5: Trabzon-Erzurum Road
iu1453 Sep 23, 2014
Tour of Turkey on the 5th day of the test and the Kop Mountain Pass Zigana Pass through a challenging trail has been exceeded. In the evening Erzurum presentation of the team that reached Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman of Parliament Fevzi Parker, Chief Advisor to the President Turgut Turhan, Culture and Social Affairs

LOCAL Electric Car Tour Day 6 Erzurum and Diyarbakir Turkey Road
iu1453 Sep 24, 2014
6.günü test in the Tour of Turkey on its way to Diyarbakir from Erzrurum moments leading up images

LOCAL Electric Car Tour of Turkey Day 7: Diyarbakir Gaziantep Road
iu1453 Sep 24, 2014
Tour of Turkey and Diyarbakir 7th day of testing - from Gaziantep ...

LOCAL Electric Car Tour of Turkey Day 8: Gaziantep, Kayseri Road
iu1453 Sep 28, 2014
LOCAL Electric Car, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Turkey took the lead in the Tour of Tallinn 8.gün.

LOCAL Electric Car 9th Day Tour of Turkey: Kayseri and Konya Path
iu1453 Sep 29, 2014
LOCAL Electric Car Kayseri, Konya in Turkey Tour 9.gün into test performed after the trip, held in Konya promotion.

LOCAL Electric Car 10th Day Tour of Turkey: Konya-Antalya road
iu1453 Sep 29, 2014

A team from Istanbul University developed the first Turkish-made electric car with up to 500 km of range.

It’s called T-1 and last month it traveled some 436 km from Istanbul to Ankara (see video story).

This is a three-seater (2+1) that weighs just 500 kg. Top speed is 120 km/h. The battery pack stores some 30 kWh of energy, so this 500 km range seems optimistic to us. Charging takes ~ 4 hours.

Energy usage after 4,650 km was 307 kWh, which is less than 7 kWh/100 km (62 miles).

As this is a prototype with composite structure, the cost is very high – roughly $200,000.
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Turkey’s first national car brand to be electric, says minister

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