EVLN: 'Japan's Tesla' GLM bought for $114M by Hong_Kong.cn watchmaker

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EVLN: 'Japan's Tesla' GLM bought for $114M by Hong_Kong.cn watchmaker

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O Luxe to buy Japanese electric car startup GLM
July 10, 2017  NORIKO OKEMOTO

[image  / GLM
The GLM G4 electric supercar, launched at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016, is viewed as Japan's response to U.S. luxury electric vehicle maker Tesla

Hong Kong watchmaker snaps up 'Japan's Tesla' for $114mn

HONG KONG -- Watchmaker O Luxe Holdings said on Sunday it will buy Japanese electric vehicle startup GLM for about 896 million Hong Kong dollars ($114 million).
O Luxe will acquire 85.5% of GLM's outstanding shares.

GLM was set up as a Kyoto University venture in 2010. The company develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and is often referred to as "Japan's Tesla," after its American rival. It drew attention this year with its prototype Tommykaira ZZ, which boasts the world's first resin windshield.

The Hong Kong watchmaker plans to fund the purchase both with cash and by issuing new shares to GLM. ... O Luxe plans to continue buying the remaining GLM shares from minority shareholders in the hopes of taking full control of the Japanese company.

O Luxe also has some upstream businesses such as gold mining.

In April it revealed its intention to buy a Japanese electric vehicle company ...
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O Luxe Holdings
Founded in 1989, O Luxe Holdings Limited (formerly known as "Ming Fung Jewellery Group") specialises in designing, manufacturing for distinctive clients, and ...
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