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EVLN: Katy Perry Spent $0.5M on Karma pih for Her Assistants (video)

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% Some media sez she bought Karma pih, while others think Tesla EVs
 ?Could it be that a few in the media actually know the difference between an EV and a pih? %

Katy Perry Spent HOW MUCH on Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her Assistants? (VIDEO)
March 17, 2014  by Elisabeth Kramer

[video  flash] / NDN

Spring is in the air and it’s clearly got Katy Perry thinking green! The pop diva reportedly dropped a ton of money on outfitting her assistants in the latest in eco-friendly tech.

Splash News reports the “Teenage Dream” singer spent upwards of $500,000 on a fleet of top-of-the-line luxury cars. And they weren’t even for her! Instead, Katy outfitted her assistants with brand new wheels to make their errand running better for the environment.

The pop diva is a well-known fan of nature. Despite the backlash she got from PETA over her jungle-themed music video for “Roar,” she’s often seen cuddling all kinds of fuzzy critters (rumored ex-boyfriend John Mayer not included). During a recent pitstop in Australia, Katy even requested that a koala bear, who was also appearing on the same morning talk show, keep her company on the couch.

Katy reportedly wanted to do her part to make the world a little bit greener, hence the green she spent. Katy bought five Fisker Karmas, a luxury electric car with an average price tag of upwards of $100,000. So while we’re hugging trees and trying to remember which trash can takes what kind of waste, Katy’s out there dropping dollars for Mother Nature like they’re growing on trees. Oh, wait...
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Katy Perry Is a Generous Boss, Buys Cars for Her Five Assistants

Katy Perry Gifts Assistants With Luxury Electric Cars
March 17, 2014

Could Katy Perry be the latest Tesla electric car fan?
Faye Sunderland  March 17, 2014

Pop star Katy Perry is believed to have spent £300,000 on electric cars for her assistants so they can travel in true green style.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, the Roar singer is believed to have bought no less than five luxury eco-friendly cars – at around £60,000 each, we reckon it may be Tesla Model S cars which she has bought.

Tesla Model S 2014 glare

An un-named source is quoted in the Daily Star as saying:  "They are completely electric and top of the range in car luxury but she hates the smog in the air in LA.

"In total she spent over half a million dollars on the cars and now her conscience is clean."Katy Perry on stage - is she a Tesla fan?

In a rather amusing side note, the Telegraph also reports that the singer has released a deluxe version of her new album Prism, containing a pack of flower seeds so her fans can ‘spread the light’.

But the album has caused controversy in Australia, where the country’s Department of Agriculture expressed concerns that the album could be a biohazard as international versions of the CD bought online, could contain non-native seeds.

We’d love to know if the singer is truly a fan of electric cars, so we checked out her Twitter feed. Worthy of note, her last tweet, when we checked, read:

“Omg someone just called my stage the TESLA of tour stages... It was like, the coolest modern compliment ever.”

Coincidence? She clearly holds Tesla in high regard anyway (assuming she means the carmaker and not the inventor).
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Katy Perry's electric car convoy  March 18, 2014 ... bought five eco-friendly cars for her team.
A source told the Daily Star: "They are completely electric ..." ...

Katy Perry Buys Electric Cars for Her Five Assistants
March 18th, 2014 ... buy five Fisker Karmas, i.e. 4-door sports sedans, one for each of the five people the singer entrusts to handle her working agenda ...

Katy Perry Buys Fleet of Fisker Karmas for Assistants, Spends $500K
Mar 21, 2014 - According to Yahoo Autos, the "Fisker Karma is a plug-in electric vehicle that uses electric motors to power the wheels. When the battery runs low ...

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