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EVLN: Lucid beats Tesla-S P100D record @Laguna (ts:350kph)

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Lucid Motors beats record at Laguna race track… with a Tesla Model S P100D
Jul. 3rd 2018  Fred Lambert



We haven’t heard anything from Lucid Motors for a while as their production
plans for the Lucid Air are still dependent on them closing a significant
series D financing round.

Despite the production plans still being murky, Lucid’s development program
is still ongoing.

Recently, they even broke the latest production EV record at Laguna race
track… though they broke it with a Tesla Model S P100D and not their own
electric car.

Last year, the company announced an aggressive $60,000 base price for its
luxury all-electric sedan with 240 miles of range and several more
higher-end configurations [

The higher-end version of the car is supposed to have impressive performance
competitive with Tesla’s performance Model S.

During its Air Alpha prototype test program, a prototype reached a top speed
of 217 mph (350 km/h) [

The company also has a history of benchmarking its powertrain against Tesla

Back when it was still called Atieva, Lucid Motors released videos of its
development vehicle doing drag races against a Tesla Model S [
] – pictured above.

Now we’ve learned that Lucid is still benchmarking Tesla’s vehicles since it
was spotted participating in the Refuel TT event at the Laguna Seca race
track last weekend.

A source told Electrek that Lucid engineers brought a Tesla Model S P100D
with testing equipment to the track and participated in the event.

David Lickfold, who is leading chassis and vehicle dynamics at Lucid Motors
according to his LinkedIn profile, is listed as having driven the vehicle
during a record lap for the electric production GT category:

The Lucid engineer in the Tesla Model S P100D was only beaten by a modified
prototype Radical race car.

For electric vehicles in the ‘Production GT’ category, Lickfold broke
previous records set by former Tesla engineer Aaron Bailey in 2013 in a
Model S P85+ with a 1:48.917 time and by Joe Nuxoll with a 1:48.935 time in
a Tesla Roadster.

But that’s not even the most impressing achievement from this race.

Cameron Rogers came in third with a Tesla Model 3 only a second behind
Lickfold who was in the Tesla Model S P100D.

The time was good enough to beat any other production EV and beat the
previous electric ‘Production GT’ records at the Laguna Seca race track .

We are going to follow up with a video and report of Rogers’ run at the
track and how he made the record time with the Model 3. Stay tuned.

    Update: here’s the post: Tesla Model 3 with small mods sets new record
at Laguna race track [
] ... [© electrek.co]

Lucid Motors factory in Casa Grande drives closer to a reality
Jul 3, 2018  The two-year time frame comes from the estimated time and cost
it will take to begin producing the Lucid Air model at the Casa Grande
facility. The electric car ...

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