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EVLN: Lyft driver teaches about his Tesla-3 EV> Autopilot saved him

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My Lyft driver taught me so much about his Tesla Model 3, I feel way more
compelled to buy one. Here are the 10 most interesting features I discovered
August 3, 2019  Dave Smith

Tesla Model 3 Review  / Matthew DeBord/BI

It can take about 30 to 45 minutes to recharge your car at a Supercharger
station — but it's faster and usually best to charge your car to about 80%
instead of the full 100%  / Associated Press

When the car is fully stopped, you can play games, or activate a digital
fireplace to set the mood right  / YouTube/Autoblog

Our Lyft driver said he uses the Autopilot feature "all the time," but that
it's really ideal for the highway  / Matthew DeBord/BI

    Earlier this week, I took my first-ever ride in a Tesla Model 3 when I
hailed a car via Lyft.

    On the long drive back from the airport, I learned a ton about the Model
3, and why it's one of the best cars you can buy right now.

    After my Lyft ride, I feel way more compelled to buy a Model 3 if and
when it becomes the right time to buy a car.
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This past Sunday, I got my first chance to ride in Tesla's Model 3, the
company's most affordable electric cars.

Once I loaded my luggage into the trunk and stepped inside, I immediately
noticed how spacious the car was — especially in the back seat, where the
sloping roof gives the impression of a much roomier car.

My wife mentioned to the driver that I had always been interested in the
Model 3, so my gracious driver said I could ask him anything I wanted. (He
may have regretted that.) So on our drive back from the airport, we spent
the next 15 minutes or so talking about the various high and low points of
owning a Model 3. I feel like I took a lot out of that brief car ride, so I
wanted to share some of what I learned.

The Model 3 features tons of little batteries, and filling them all up to
100% takes time. That's why my driver recommended charging your Tesla to
about 80% when you're stopped at a Supercharger, but letting the car fill
all the way up to 100% when you're stopped for the night, assuming you're at
your destination.

Getting those batteries all the way to 100% takes longer because the car is
still trying to keep the batteries cool, so it charges more slowly for the
sake of safety. A lot of Tesla customers say it takes the same amount of
time to get from 80% to 100% as it takes to get from 15% to 80%.

Our driver demonstrated this feature while we were parked in front of a
stoplight. When he chose a game to play, his seat started automatically
adjusting itself as if this was the predetermined "game mode." He also
showed us a crackling digital fireplace, which got a laugh out of us — as if
you need more bells and whistles to showcase when you're already driving
your date around in a Tesla.

He said Tesla's Autopilot had "saved" him on a few occasions — he wasn't
close to any kind of serious accident, but the car has helped him brake when
it senses other cars far ahead have also slowed down, and it's great for
changing lanes and navigating the highway. I asked him if he's ever fallen
asleep while Autopilot was on; thankfully, he said no.
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Tesla AutoPilot V10 update may be able to display Sentry
August 12, 2019 ... Their low theft rate may be related to the fact that, as
electric vehicles, they are usually parked in garages or close to a house to
be near a power supply.” ... HLDI showed that electric vehicles from a
variety of manufacturers have lower theft claim rates than comparable
vehicles.” ...

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