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EVLN: MBenz eVito e-vans orderable for commercial fleet electrification r:150 ts:120kph

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Mercedes Taking Orders for eVito Electric Mid-Sized Van
Mercedes expects to begin deliveries in the second half of 2018
November 20, 2017  Dave Bartosiak

[images  / Daimler AG
Elektrische Transporter von Mercedes-Benz Vans: eVito ab sofort bestellbar;
Ökosystem für die Elektrifizierung gewerblicher Flotten  (Electric vans from
Mercedes-Benz Vans: eVito can be ordered now; Ecosystem for the
electrification of commercial fleets)

New eVito van

It’s amazing to me that whenever you talk electric cars in the U.S., people
only talk Tesla. It’s like they’re so consumed with the mythological figure
of Elon Musk that they completely ignore the huge investments in electric
vehicle technology being made all over the world.

The popularity of the Mercedes electric buses in Europe is one thing. Now
Mercedes is taking things a step further, as the company plans to offer all
its commercial van model lines with electric drive. Today, Mercedes
announced that it will begin taking orders for the new all-electric eVito
mid-sized commercial van, with deliveries beginning in the second half of
2018. Further model ranges will likely follow in 2019.

The eVito is more than an electric vehicle gimmick. The van offers a
technological ecosystem custom-tailored to the customers’ specific business
needs. This ecosystem includes charging infrastructure, connectivity
solutions for charge status, battery range and route planning, consulting on
costs, rental vehicles to add capacity, and driver training for electric

The eVito has a range of 93 miles with a top speed of 74 mph. It’s not
exactly the sort of long-range hauler Tesla just unveiled but it doesn’t
have to be. The mid-size truck is meant to deliver goods and services within
a tight radius. Think plumbers or auto parts delivery to mechanics.

Speaking on the eVito Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, said,
“We are convinced by the necessity of electric drive in our vans, especially
in city center applications. That said, electrification of the commercial
fleet is not an end in itself, but follows the same principles as a classic
drive when it comes to profitability. With our eDrive@VANs initiative, we’re
showing that only holistic mobility solutions extending beyond the drive
itself present a real alternative for commercial customers. The eVito is the
starting point and will be followed by the new -generation of our Sprinter
as well as the Citan.”
[© 2017 Time]

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operators into the EV ecosystem ...

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