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MG Is Going Electric With New Compact SUV Slated For Release In The Fall
March 11th, 2019  Kyle Field



The classic British car brand has enjoyed a cult-like following for decades,
and the move to electrified MGs promises to amplify that following. The
company will start its charge into the electrified future with a fully
electric build of the MG ZS compact SUV, which will enter the market to
compete with the likes of the Hyundai Kona EV, the Kia Niro EV, and the
Tesla Model Y.

MG Motor UK is planning a coming out party for its newest family member in
the fall. The five-seater is an electrified arrow aimed straight at the
heart of the mass market with its full-sized rear storage area and all the
amenities drivers are looking for in a compact SUV.

“With the launch of our MG ZS electric SUV we’re delighted to be entering
the electric car market at such an exciting time,” Daniel Gregorious, Head
of Sales & Marketing at MG, said. MG is clearly looking to build on the
early success of the pollution-spewing version with a cleaner option that
puts an eye to the future of transportation. Across Europe, cities are
banning or planning to ban combustion vehicles from city centers. The
electric MG insulates buyers from the risk of buying a vehicle today that
they may not be able to take into the city in just a few years time.

MG is being a bit shy on the details of the new vehicle, with the full flood
of specs and pricing set to be revealed closer to the launch later this
year. The new MG ZS electric SUV looks to be a beautiful entry into the
compact electric SUV market for MG and could do extremely well if the brand
is truly committed to not just bringing it to market, but to actually being
a serious competitor with its electric vehicles. That means volume and
availability, and time will tell if MG can deliver on those two.
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MG Motor India To Launch Its First Electric SUV In Phased Manner
Mar 11, 2019  The company further shared that its electric vehicles in the
country would have over-the-air (OTA) technology and would go over 250 km in
a single charge ...

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$249 a pop ...

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