EVLN: Mia-derived BIL-Libner delivery-nEV rides inside semi-trailer r:122km ts:50kph (v)

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EVLN: Mia-derived BIL-Libner delivery-nEV rides inside semi-trailer r:122km ts:50kph (v)

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'Addresses the last delivery kilometer/mile problem'

16.03.2017  greg


Many downtown areas restrict their access to delivery trucks. Libner, an expert in industrial bodywork, solves the problem by integrating a small vehicle into the lanes to sneak through the lanes.

BIL Libner
Libner has developed the BIL (Logistics Intelligence Base) for the delivery of the last kilometer. A small electric vehicle is integrated into the overhang of a heavy truck.

Delivering in the city center with a truck has become an impossible mission: restricted access, delivery places too few or even illegally occupied … this is what pushes to address the problem of delivery of the last kilometer. The most regularly envisaged solution is that of delivery warehouses, located on the outskirts of major metropolises where heavy goods vehicles unload their cargo. Thereafter, retail delivery is done using small electric vehicles, in the Goupil G3 / G4 style. But this solution imposes an additional delay, due to the logistics inherent in the intermediate warehouse.

The specialist in industrial bodywork Libner offers an alternative solution. The idea is simply to take a small electric delivery vehicle to the back of a truck. It is thus possible to deliver by parking near a pedestrian street, to finish with this way of delivery cleaner and less bulky. The whole device is called BIL (for Intelligent Logistic Base).

An electric vehicle derived from the Mia [EV]

The truck has a specific arrangement of its van part. The electric vehicle is in fact stored in the cantilever, transversely. The floor is lowered in the rear, so that the cargo area of ​​the electric vehicle is located just above the floor of the van, equipped with wheels to translate loads effortlessly. When empty, the part of the floor that supports the electric vehicle during transport can be lifted to that of the van, to facilitate loading from warehouse docks.

As for the electric vehicle itself, called BIL Truck, it is distinguished by its very small dimensions: 2.43 m long and 1.73 m wide. Its payload is 600 kg, which makes it possible to deal with most of the deliveries of the last kilometer. Technically, the BIL Truck is derived from the defunct Mia Electric. It thus takes over the traction system as well as other technical elements. Externally, the three-spoke rims of the Mia are easily recognizable. Its top speed is 50 km / h and its range of 122 km. The latter figure seems almost exaggerated, given the destination of the craft, which can also be reloaded inside the truck during transport.

The total weight of the BIL Truck is 1,400 kg, which suggests an unladen mass of 800 kg. That, too, could clearly be a reflection on the part of carriers. Transporting this dead weight for a few hundred meters in the end could ultimately prove to be unacceptable in a number of cases, given the additional consumption that this entails. Similarly, the presence of the BIL Truck on board necessarily condemns a volume that could have been dedicated to loading. If the solution is seductive on paper and intelligent, its constraints should therefore limit its scope.
The Intelligent Base BIL is the combination of a rigid truck vehicle equipped with a BIL LIFT at the rear that can carry a small electric vehicle called BIL Truck.
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