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India Beats China In The Total Number Of Electric Vehicles, Only Because Of
This One Segment
October 26, 2018  Sarthak Dogra


India is gradually but surely headed towards an electric-vehicle revolution
with a long list of promised electric cars, public transport additions and
even infrastructure facilities. There is, however, one niche in which India
has already surpassed every other country in the world. That is the use of

And this is, by a huge margin. As per a recent report by A.T. Kearney,
around 11,000 new e-rickshaws hit the Indian roads every month. Counting to
a total of 1.5 million e-rickshaws in the country to date, that already puts
India’s e-rickshaw tally to more than the entire fleet of electric vehicles
sold in China since 2011.

While we are well versed with the pros of having an electric fleet, there
are some specific to e-rickshaws. The battery powered three wheelers are
easier for the operator and cut down on the efforts, are faster, quieter,
require less maintenance and leave next-to-zero carbon footprint (which was
anyway similar for hand rickshaws).

There are monetary benefits as well. Being faster and less strenuous,
e-rickshaws enable more number of rides to the operator. This naturally
corresponds to a higher income.

India is gradually but surely headed towards an electric-vehicle revolution
with a long list of prom
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Europe is way ahead of U.S. when it comes to electric vehicles
Aug 27, 2018  Europe hits 1 million electric vehicles before the U.S.
European sales for electric vehicles keep going up and up. As The Guardian
reported this weekend, all of those sales helped Europe hit an important
milestone: it now has 1 million electric vehicles — ahead of the U.S., which
has about 750,000 battery-powered cars. China hit 1 million EVs last year

From IKEA To Swiggy, How This Indian Startup Is Driving Electric Vehicle
Adoption In India
2018/10/15  “While large automobile companies are focusing on electric cars
and bikes, we saw a huge opportunity in ... To help end the ...

Welsh rugby fans generate enough energy to power electric car 100km
Nov 2, 2018 ... 74,500 stadium fans watching the gruelling 80-minute match,
will generate the energy equivalent of powering an electric car for 100km
... or 6,500 cups of tea ... or cook a Sunday roast ... power an electric
car from Cardiff to Carmarthen ...

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