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Elon Musk Confirms That Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 On Track For Mid-2018
April 9th, 2018  Kyle Field




In a recent Twitter storm, Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided more details about
dual-motor Model 3 delivery timing, noting that it would “probably” be ready
in July of this year.

Elon also noted that the critical milestone he and team Tesla are looking at
before adding dual motors to the mix is the Model 3 production ramp reaching
5,000 cars/week at the current level of complexity. The company doesn’t want
to add any more complexity before hitting that target. Tesla has a long list
of features that will eventually come to the Model 3, including Ludicrous
mode, dual motors, and the most anticipated option — the Standard Range
battery, which is what ultimately gets the car down to its base price of

Today, if you want to finalize your order, your Model 3 must be configured
with the Long Range battery, a pricey $9,000 option, and the Premium
interior package, which is $5,000, making today’s base price Model 3 almost

It’s worth noting that the timing Elon is referencing is the timing for the
very first people in line for a Model 3 reservation — “probably July” is
when they will have the opportunity to order a Model 3 with dual motors. I
made 2 reservations just minutes after Tesla first started taking orders. As
a Tesla owner in California with a very early reservation, one of my
reservations has an option for “Mid 2018” for the “Dual Motor All-Wheel
Drive” option.

Sliding the scale back a bit, my second reservation, in which I lose my
Tesla owner status since I “only” owned one Tesla vehicle, shows timing for
the Dual Motor option slipping to Late 2018. That’s for a reservation made
at 10:40 am Pacific time, just 40 minutes after Tesla started taking
reservations … and nearly 6 hours after getting in line.

Looking at sales volumes and anecdotal updates from friends and online
commenters about the features they’re looking for, it seems the vast
majority of them are on hold not for dual motors but for the standard (220
mile) battery pack. Having said that, the fact that Tesla is waiting to
achieve its first significant production milestone before adding any further
complexity is reassuring. Cranking out 5,000 Model 3 super-sedans per week
means 260,000 vehicles per year moving forward — and that many more electric
vehicles on the road.
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