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EVLN: NIO, Razer's e-SUV> 4sale.cn 4Razer-crazy-fans 0-100kph:4.7s

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Razer's newest accessory is an electric SUV
August 2, 2019  Cal Jeffrey



For the gamer who has everything

WTF?! If you are a hardcore Razer gaming equipment fan, you probably already
have one of its gaming phones. If that’s not hardcore enough for you, how
about picking up its brand new electric SUV?

Chinese carmaker NIO announced on Friday that it has entered into a
partnership with Razer and is releasing a limited edition eSUV.

The NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition looks more like a Razer-sponsored
vehicle you’d find on a race track than an everyday driver. It has the
signature neon green triple-snake logo and trim as well as Chroma LED
lighting. It also has Hue lighting and THX Spatial Audio. Under the hood is
a 544hp electric motor that can go 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds.

Before you start taking out your checkbook, there are a few things you
should know. First, only 88 of the vehicles will be made. As such, Night
Explorer will set you back $67,419 (467,800 yuan), which is not a bad price
for a collector considering there will be so few of them. Lastly, NIO is
only releasing the Razer SUV in China. The Razer ES6 makes its debut at
ChinaJoy 2019 electronics expo, where it will be the official car for the
Razer esports team.

NIO’s press release also mentions that this is just the beginning of an
ongoing partnership with Razer. It is unclear what this means, but
presumably, if all 88 units fly off the lot, we can expect more
Razer-branded vehicles down the road.

The NIO ES6 is not a bad looking vehicle, but the logo is a bit much for
anyone but the most Razer-crazy fans.
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