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EVLN: NYC Gov Cuomo's $4M EV grant2 move JFK luggage + 38 EVSE @Terminal5 (v)

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JFK airport to use $4 million state grant for electric vehicles to move
October 4, 2017  

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The future is looking a bit greener at JFK Airport thanks to a new federal

Governor Cuomo is awarding the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey $4
million to reduce emissions at the airport.

The plan is to install 38 electric vehicle-charging stations at Terminal 5,
which is operated by JetBlue.

The stations will provide power to a fleet of 116 vehicles that move luggage
on and off of planes.

The grant covers about 75% of the cost to add the chargers and convert the
terminal vehicles from fuel to electric.

JetBlue will be picking up the remainder of the balance.

All of this is of course designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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