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EVLN: Neck-snapping 4kW drill-powered utility e-cart (v)

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A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle
January 6, 2019  Dan Maloney  ht2 baldpower


4 kW Drill Powered Utility Vehicle/Go-cart Further testing
amazingdiyprojects  Published on Jan 2, 2019 5:43
4Hp drill powered utillity vehicle /gocart.
Trying out the new "industrial grade" relays to see how robust they are.
Seems promising so far, they will definitely be going in to the Inflatable
car project as well. This utility vehicle was primarily designed to
transport the chAIR, but it sure is a worthwhile project in its own right
considering the high joy-factor just driving it around....

4 kW Drill Powered Utility Vehicle/Go-cart
amazingdiyprojects  Published on Dec 2, 2018
4Hp drill powered utility vehicle /gocart build!  Final testing starts at
19:22 For reasons explained in the  episode I accidentally got slightly side
tracked from the inflatable car project. However, this build gave me the
perfect opportunity to try out the battery powered tool PWM-hack that the
inflatable car build is based upon ...

Low-slung body style. Four-wheel drive. All electric drivetrain. Turns on a
dime. Neck-snapping acceleration. Leather seating surface. Is it the latest
offering from Tesla? Nope; it’s a drill-powered electric utility vehicle,
and it looks like a blast to drive.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a just-for-kicks kind of build. There’s actually a
practical reason for the low form factor and long range of (Axel Borg)’s
little vehicle. We’ll leave the back story to the second video below, but
suffice it to say that this will be a smaller version of the crawler NASA
used to roll rockets out to the launch pad, used instead to transport his
insanely dangerous looking manned-multicopter. The running gear on this
vehicle is the interesting bit: four hefty electric drills, one for each of
the mobility cart wheels. The drills are powered by a large series-connected
battery pack putting out 260V at full charge. The universal motors of the
drills are fine with DC, and the speed of each is controlled via the PWM
signals from a pair of cordless drills. The first video below shows (Axel)
putting it through its paces; he didn’t hold back at all, but the vehicle
kept coming back for more.

We know this cart is in service to another project, but we’d have a hard
time concentrating on anything if we had the potential for that much fun
sitting in the shop. Still, we hope that multirotor gets a good test flight
soon, and that all goes well with it.
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