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EVLN: Ninja e-Motorcycle test-mule raced around track (v)

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Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles To Be Reborn As Electric Vehicles
November 6, 2019  Yetnesh Dubey

Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycles Specs

Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycles Price

Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycles Launch

Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycles Features

Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycles

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles are soon going to evolve into the state of the
electric vehicles. The news comes straight from Yoshimoto Matsuda, who is
the Senior Manager Innovation Department division at Kawasaki Heavy
Industries Ltd.

He and his team have been working on electric motorcycles since the 2000s.
In a brand new video [
], Kawasaki teased with a test mule riding around a race track powered by
next-generation electric power units.

For the uninitiated, Yoshimoto is a veteran engineer at Kawasaki
motorcycles. He has had an active role in the development of the Ninja
series of motorcycles. He was also responsible for the development of 2016
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, a bike that has made Jonathan Rea a five-time world
champion at the World SuperBike Championship since 2015.

Yoshimoto himself says in the video that “They (bikes) will be fun to
control, exciting and a reflection of Kawasaki’s passion“, so you better
believe it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kawasaki Ninja Electric Motorcycle

Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles As Electric Vehicles

The video is only 1:52 minutes long and showcases a few glimpses of the
Kawasaki electric powertrain being tested on a Ninja motorcycle.

The Test mule looks like a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 due to its raised clip-on
handlebars, conventional front forks, and box-type swing arm.

The rear tire on the Ninja electric motorcycle seems to 150mm wide further
confirming that it’s a 650cc.

Not much is known about the electric powertrain besides the fact that
Kawasaki has been working on it alongside the supercharged engine used in
Ninja H2, a hyperbike capable of 0-100 km/h in 2.52 seconds.

According to Yoshimoto “Our electric motorcycles are developed according to
our RIDEOLOGY development philosophy.”

The Kawasaki Ninja Electric Vehicle seems to be quite far in terms of
development, according to Yoshimoto. He said: “We have been thoroughly
studying and patenting features ranging from packaging and chassis geometry
to transmissions and thumb brake activated energy recovery systems.”

We can also see the above mentioned “energy recovery system”, which is a
fancy name for regen braking, being showcased in the video. It is present
below the horn button on the right handlebar.

Yoshimoto also confirmed that the bike we’re seeing here is only a concept.
“Elements from this concept model will evolve and appear on next-generation
motorcycles we are working on.”, confirmed Yoshimoto.

It is a test mule so it only has 100 km of range, the official post from
Kawasaki confirms it. However, once the complete electric bike is revealed
expect the range to be a lot more.

In terms of a launch date, Yoshimoto simply said: “You can look forward to
seeing them in the near future.”

Success Predictions of Motorcycle Electric Vehicles

Kawasaki Motorcycles is doing the right thing by bringing a mid-capacity
electric vehicle into the market. Past records show that the majority of
motorcycle sales happen in this segment.

Motorcycles are already quite easy to maintain and deliver a better fuel
economy. An electric motorcycle will only amplify these inherent
characteristics of a 2-wheeler. If the EV is associated with a brand like
Kawasaki, it’d be really fun to drive as well.
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Everything you should know about Toyota's Battery Electric Vehicle
Oct 22, 2019 ... Battery Electric Vehicle, it is a small car with a short
range and poses as an eco-friendly alternative for short-distance commute
... unofficial details of its powertrain and battery pack, but it has been
confirmed that it has a top speed of 60 kmph, with a full-charge time of
five hours ...

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