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EVLN: Pfitzer's zeroto60designs.com Tesla-S wide body kit (v)

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Celebrity car customizer reimagines Tesla Model S with wide body kit
November 22, 2017   evannex.com,Matt Pressman

[images  / EVANNEX

Kenny Pfitzer at Zero to 60 designs created a new front end bumper that
gives a far more aggressive aesthetic

Subtle side fenders add style along with new wheels

This stunning $40,000 “dolphin gray” paint job flatters the lines and curves
of Pfitzer’s new design

Pfitzer forgoes carbon fiber accents and (instead) chose a glossy piano
black finish on the spoiler, logo area, and redesigned rear diffuser

Zero to 60 Designs unveils new Tesla Model S at SEMA Show
Interview with Kenny Pfitzer of Zero to 60 designs, designer of the new Zero
TS aftermarket body kit for Tesla (Youtube: EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla

When the SEMA show went down in Las Vegas, I was particularly delighted to
see so many companies featuring a Tesla on display at their booth. But one
particular Tesla Model S made a splashy entrance at this year’s automotive
specialty parts trade show when it unveiled a wide body transformation of
the all-electric sedan.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kenny Pfitzer at Zero to 60 designs
to discuss his Zero TS body kit custom-designed for the Tesla Model S.

Pfitzer started restoring cars like the 1960 Volkswagen Microbus in his
Dad’s garage. As a teenager, he learned the craft from his father Karl
Pfitzer who was a rocket scientist with NASA. Later, Kenny went on to a
prolific 20-year career at Metal Crafters, Foose Designs, and West Coast
Customs where he worked on high-profile celebrity car builds made popular on
their TV show.

Pfitzer started Zero to 60 designs to be one of America’s top creative
automotive design houses. He decided his marquis project for SEMA this year
would be a completely reimagined Tesla Model S. Pfitzer explained that he
designed a full Model S body kit including a customized front, rear, rockers
and optional side fenders to give it a bold, performance look.

Pfitzer noted that the Tesla Model S he had on display at SEMA included a
$40,000 exterior PPG paint job in dolphin gray with a Solar Gard clear
topcoat to help protect the finish. In addition, this Model S was also
fitted with black HRE wheels, custom Brembo brakes, and Nexen Nfera tires.

Pfitzer also showed me the interior which was transformed with a European
red leather — double-stitched in an ornate diamond-shaped pattern. Bolsters
were also added to the seats for extra comfort. In addition, the windows
were tinted with Solar Gard’s LX Series protective window film. Pricing for
the Zero TS hadn’t been finalized but Pfitzer said the body kit starts
around $6,500 and goes up from there.

In the past, Pfitzer had worked with the Ford Motor Company to develop their
Ford Bronco Concept. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s angling to have
this customized Model S catch the eye of Tesla’s internal design team. In
any event, judging by the chatter at the unveiling, the SEMA crowd seemed
quite impressed with the car. And based on this successful showing at SEMA,
it’s likely you’ll be seeing more from Fitzer (soon) with the Model 3.
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